Karnataka New Govt: A government that will run as the Congress government says, guarantee assurance will become law today-Rahul Gandhi

Karnataka New Govt: A government that will run as the Congress government says, guarantee assurance will become law today-Rahul Gandhi
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Bengaluru: Former AICC president Rahul Gandhi addressed the people after the swearing-in ceremony of the new CM, Deputy Chief Minister and eight ministers.

Speaking at a program held at the Kantheerava Stadium, Rahul Gandhi said that the Congress government had done what it said it would. 5 guarantee assurances, become law today. Rahul Gandhi assured that there will be a discussion about this in the cabinet meeting to be held in a couple of hours.

While starting the speech, he thanked everyone from the Congress party to the people of Karnataka. People have fully supported the Congress government. You have seen the trouble of the last five years. Today there is a change in the state of Karnataka. He said that this victory has been achieved because the Congress government is with the poor, Dalits and backward people.

BJP had all the power, police, money and power. But today people have defeated all these efforts. He said that he has defeated the corruption and hatred of the BJP government for the last five years. Congress has given a clear message. Dwesha has been completed in the state. He said that only love is shared.

5 Proclamations will become law today

Now talk about the 5 guarantees announced by the Congress, we have given you 5 oaths. The first is Grilahakshmi- 2 thousand rupees for every woman of the house, the second is Griha Jyoti 200 units of free electricity for all, the third is Annabhagya which gives 10 kg of rice to each family member, the fourth bhagya is free travel for women in state transport, and 3 thousand through youth fund for unemployed graduates, and 1500 rupees for diploma holders. have given

We are walkers. The first cabinet meeting will be held in two hours. These 5 assurances will become law in this meeting. Rahul Gandhi announced that we will do what we say.

Later, I would like to thank all the young people, sisters and mothers of Karnataka who spoke. Your love, trust and strength will never be forgotten. This is the government of the people of Karnataka. He said that he will work consciously.

Mallikarjuna Kharge criticized Modi

Whenever Prime Minister Modi goes to Japan, he bans notes. Last time he went to Japan, he banned 1000 rupee note, this time he banned 2000 rupee note. He said that there is no gain but loss for the country.

They work to trouble the people of this country. But the Congress government will wash away the hatred and will be a government that takes everyone together with love. We walk as we speak. Five guarantees will be put into circulation. He said that we will take a decision on this in the first cabinet itself.

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