Karnataka Lokayukta | Lokayukta hunt begins again: KAS officer arrested for accepting bribe

Bengaluru: A KAS official who was accepting bribe has fallen into the trap of the Lokayukta police who have started hunting corrupt government employees after six years. This is the first case of ‘trap’ that took place after the ACB was abolished and the police powers returned to the Lokayukta.

4 lakhs to account for commercial purposes for residential plots. Lokayukta police on Monday arrested BBMP Western Division Joint Commissioner SM Srinivas (KAS) and FDA Umesh Adhivar who were accepting bribes.
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A resident of Nagarbavi decided to get a commercial account for the land of his four residential plots and appealed to the West Division of the Corporation. However, Joint Commissioner Srinivas spent Rs 12 lakh to settle the account. He demanded a bribe. In the last two months at least, they were delaying the payment of the account due to the fact that no bribe was given. Aggrieved by this, the petitioner had recently filed a complaint in the Lokayukta.

Based on this complaint, a case was registered under the Prevention of Corruption Act and the Lokayukta Police said that they were arrested on Monday in Malleswaram while they were accepting a bribe of Rs.
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Transfer of cases: According to the High Court order, the state government had ordered the transfer of the pending cases to the Lokayukta, where the ACB had been cancelled. In this background, handover of cases is going on. Sources said that some cases have already been transferred and some cases are getting delayed due to technical reasons.

Provide facility, staff to Lokayukta: Santosh Hegde

Dharwad: I am happy that Lokayukta has got power again. Retired Lokayukta Justice Dr. Santhosh Hegde said.
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Speaking to reporters in the city on Sunday, he said, “Only the Lokayukta has the power to investigate corruption.” He said that the Lokayukta should be given back the powers that existed earlier.

“I will not come to Lokayukta again. I have already served in Lokayukta for five years. I am 83 years old now. So I don’t want any power now. I am not waiting for any position or authority. If asked for advice on Lokayukta amendment, I will definitely give it. “But no one has asked them,” he said.

I will salute the government if Lokayukta is given necessary staff: Retired Justice Santosh Hegde

Didn’t dare to close

“In 1983, Janata Party included Lokayukta in its manifesto. He had built a strong Lokayukta organization. But nothing happened in the previous ten years. N. Venkatachalaiah showed the power of Lokayukta. After that I continued his work and the effect was great. Thus Lokayukta took away the power. Tried to weaken. Because the government did not have the courage to close it. “Though they tried to weaken it, it was not successful,” he said.

“At that time only corrupt officials were brought. ACB was built when that did not happen. But now ACB has gone and Punar Lokayukta has come. Giving power to Lokayukta is not enough. He urged the government to provide necessary facilities for its functioning.
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Encroachment of Rajkaluwe:

Long ago I gave two reports about encroachment of Rajkaluve in Bangalore. Maharajas have built hundreds of lakes in the past. Rainwater harvesting ponds. When it rained that day, water would go into the lakes. There were about 200 lakes then. When Bangalore became a linguistic province, the population suddenly increased as the capital. Then the government left planning and giving land and let Rajkaluve be encroached upon. The royal canal that carries water is no longer there. Houses have been constructed there. He said that due to greed, if it rains now, there is no place for water to go, which is the reason for so much trouble.