Karnataka Legislative Assembly | Letter war by Congress and BJP members, chaos in the assembly

Bengaluru: Not satisfied with the answer given by the Karnataka Legislative Assembly regarding the flood damage, the Congress staged a protest. At this time, members of the ruling party BJP (BJP) also retaliated by displaying leaflets against the Congress and Siddaramaiah.

Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah expressed outrage that the state government has given wrong information about rain damage management. He shouted that this government is 50% government.
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At this time the Congress members shouted defiant slogans that 40% was the government. In addition to this, Bangalore is drowning and 40% government, they went down to the well of the house and protested.

Reacting to this, the BJP members also attacked the Congress by displaying leaflets, displayed posters with the words KPSC Recruitment Scam, Arkavati Ridoo Scam, Bhrashtaramaiah, Samajwadi, Majawadi.
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There was a war of words between BJP members and Congress members. They accused each other of how much has been cleared and not in whose time. Chief Minister Tong said that 1500 encroachments have been cleared till 2019. Siddaramaiah retaliated by asking how much you cleared when you were in power from 2008-12. Meanwhile, CM Basavaraja thundered to Bommai that he will investigate the Rajkaluve encroachment that took place during the Congress period.

Speaker Kageri adjourned the House at 11 am on Tuesday in the background of the tussle between Congress and BJP members.
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Formation of commission of inquiry for encroachment clearance of Lake, Rajkaluve: CM

CM Basavaraja said that an inquiry commission will be formed for the eviction.

Responding to the excessive rainfall debate in the Assembly on Monday, I will conduct an investigation to prevent encroachment of the lake, Rajkaluwe and the buffer zone. He said he would form an inquiry commission headed by a judicial officer with technical members.

Encroachment of lake Rajkaluve needs to be removed. Influencers also exert pressure while doing politics. This rain has opened everyone’s eyes. Wherever Rajkaalu has been narrowed, it will be repaired. Small canals have disappeared. He said that a new arrangement should be made in the outer sector.