Karnataka-Kerala | Bommai Environmental Lessons for Pinarayi Mission: Kerala’s 3 Proposals Rejected

Bengaluru: Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has taught Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan about the importance of environment to Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan, who came to discuss the road and railway project on the Karnataka-Kerala border. He also rejected Kerala’s proposal to undertake such a project in an environmentally sensitive area.

Pinarayi Vijayan and senior Kerala government officials met CM Bommai at Home Office Krishna on Sunday. The meeting was scheduled for bilateral talks as per the decision of the South Zone Council meeting. Accordingly, Pinarayi Vijayan had come to discuss the highway and railway project which would be more beneficial to Kerala.
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The Kerala Chief Minister had arrived with a detailed proposal regarding the schemes that would benefit his state. However, CM Bommai did not give any opportunity to influence Karnataka regarding such projects. Instead, Kerala’s high-level delegation nodded to Bommai’s environmental lesson. “Check again. It is said that the Kerala delegation could not say anything other than “think again”.
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What is Bommai worried about?

The forest area along Karnataka-Kerala border is very sensitive. Everyone should understand the importance of Western Ghat. We also need to know why global temperature is rising. There should be development everywhere including Kerala. However, the sanctuary and protected areas should not be acquired for this purpose. This is not a question of Kerala, Karnataka. CM Bommayi convinced with various study reports that if the forest with micro structure is destroyed, its effect will be severe. In addition, environmental concerns should be understood. He has clearly told the Kerala delegation that he does not want any proposal regarding such projects.
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What plans?

Kanhagad-Kaniyur Railway Line: It is 40 km in Kerala, 31 km in Karnataka. has There is no benefit to the state. Also, permission is denied as it passes through the bio-diversity area of ​​the Western Ghats.

Toncherry-Mysore Railway Route: It has not been approved as it passes through the central part of Bandipur, Nagarhole National Park. Instead of this, the Kerala government proposed to build an underground route, but it was rejected on the grounds that it would also harm the environment.
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Additional Bus: There are currently 2 buses plying through Bandipur National Park to Kerala at night. The proposal to start 2 bus services again was rejected.

* No work can be undertaken where there are ecologically sensitive areas and wildlife sanctuaries of the state. This has been made clear to the Kerala government. It was informed that they could not agree to the plans brought by them.

– Basavaraja Bommai, CM