Karnataka is at the forefront of states contributing to the country’s development: Basavaraja Bommai

Bangalore: CM Basavaraja Bommai said that Karnataka is leading among the states contributing to the development of the country. He spoke with Union Home Minister Amit Shah at Sankalpa Siddhi program on Thursday.

A heart that beats for the fringes of society belongs to Modi: Basavaraja Bommai

The Chief Minister said that the R&D policy in Karnataka has been approved by the Cabinet and from garage researches to institutional researches, encouragement and cooperation will be given.

Bangalore is home to over 400 international research centers ranging from genomics to aerospace. Apart from Bengaluru city, no other city in the world has this number of R&D centers, he said.

Contribution of industries in the development of Karnataka

An employment policy has been formulated in the state and incentives will be given to employer entrepreneurs. Semiconductor policy, electric vehicle policy, renewable energy policies are formulated. An agreement has been signed for foreign capital investment of Rs. 110 lakh crore for Karnataka state in this field. Emphasis is placed on hydrogen fuel, production of ammonia from seawater. The contribution of industries in the development of Karnataka is being acknowledged. He said that everyone should work together to establish Amrita Kala in India.

Leadership change statement, cabinet expansion discussion, Amit Shah’s state tour gained importance!

State contribution to country’s 5 trillion dollar economy

Karnataka is leading among the states contributing to the development of the country. Progressive development, health, education, commerce, technology growth has been emphasized since the time of the Rajamaharajas. Technology sector has been given more importance in the state. Karnataka ITBT is overtaking the western countries of the world in the technology sector. Karnataka aims to contribute 1 trillion dollars to the country’s 5 trillion dollar economy. Sector-wise plans have been prepared for this, he said.

Economic security along with food security from agriculture

Karnataka has also seen development in the agricultural sector. There are 10 agro climatic zones in the state and agricultural activities are carried out throughout the year. 1% development in agriculture sector, 1% in manufacturing sector. 4 and percent in the service sector. leading to 10 percent development. Entrepreneurs should focus on food sector as food sector provides financial security along with food security.

Linkage between food and service sector should be strengthened. Complementary policies have also been formulated. When the Prime Minister’s dream of a $5 trillion economy materializes, farmers’ income will also double. Then the percent People who believe in 60 percent agriculture can improve their lives. The grassroots workers are the backbone of the economy. He said that the development of the working class should be targeted in the next 25 years.

A self-reliant India that instills confidence in Indians

A country has vast experience in 75 years. It has seen many ups and downs. The challenges posed to democracy were met by the moral strength of the people of the country.

Make in India policy made India stronger. The confidence of the people of the country increased with the Atmanirbhar mantra. Prime Minister Narendra Modi instilled confidence in every citizen of the country. The strength of this country is the hope of the people at the edge of the country. Ultimately, a person becomes the future of the country by participating in its development. Sab Ka Saath, Sab Ka Vikas reflect this principle. A visionary, powerful leader is needed. He said that we can see these qualities in Prime Minister Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

Union Culture Minister Kishana Reddy, BJP State President Nalina Kumar Kateela, BJP National General Secretary CT Ravi, Minister Murugesha Nirani and dignitaries from various fields and businessmen were present in the ceremony.