Karnataka Elections 2023: Pritam Gowda VS HD Revanna Family in Hassan; Hasanambe blessings to whom?

Sashidhara Hegade Bangalore
Shakti Sthala Hasanambe’s Sannidhi Shakti Demonstration Arena is ready six months before the assembly elections. There is every indication that the Hassan constituency will witness a bitter battle between the BJP youth stalwart and the family of former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda.

Last time there was a surprise result in Hassan constituency. Pritam Gowda, the young BJP stalwart who shattered the JDS stronghold, had a smile of victory. The election in Hassan district is a maze for former minister HD Revanna. It is not an easy thing to understand. But Pritam was successful in breaking Revanna’s plot. In the battle of Kurukshetra, Abhimanyu who entered Chakravyu may have been defeated, but only in Hassan, Pritam had laid siege to the fort of former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda to surpass even the heroic Abhimanyu.

This factor has led to the creation of an atmosphere of stubborn politics in Hassan. Hassan district is the home ground of former Prime Minister Deve Gowda. Revanna himself is the charioteer of JDS here. No matter which party is in government in the state, the statement that Revanna will be the permanent Chief Minister of Hassan district is a parody, but it is closer to reality. Because there were JDS MLAs in most of the constituencies of the district. If Revanna draws the line, it’s over. These people’s representatives did not say tutikpitik.

Revanna’s reputation was damaged when the lotus bloomed in the 2018 Assembly elections in such a Hassan. When Pritam defeated HS Prakash, who was a four-time MLA of the constituency, the ground on which the JDS stood collapsed. Especially Revanna and his wife Bhavani took this defeat personally. On the other hand, MLA Pritam came forward aggressively. Due to this, the conflict between BJP and JDS continued in the constituency.

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Now that the elections are nearing, JDS aims to take back the constituency. However, they are not having a good time eating lumps of millet. MLA Pritam has given the message of readiness for any kind of war through his behavior and activity. This has angered the stalwarts of the secular Janata Dal. Therefore, a situation of campaigning has been created in the constituency even before the announcement of elections. A high voltage battle is sure to happen here.

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Hassan’s politics has always been stubborn. The feud between Deve Gowda and Puttaswamy Gowda is very famous. The heat of this hit Revanna too. Despite this, Revanna was successful in molding the district politics to his liking. Revanna’s unbeaten record has also crumbled after Pritam became MLA. Pritam Gowda, who was limited to his constituency at first, has started to cover the entire Hassan district when the BJP government came. They are doing politics as if the district in-charge is with them. So JDS has turned against Pritam. With Pritam shouting at it, the noise from Hassan’s field is also loud.

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Big fight no matter who competes
Pritam Gowda is sure to contest for re-election from BJP. Congress has no such power in this field. So, a big fight is sure to take place between BJP and JDS candidate. Whoever contests from JDS, Revanna will be the election in-charge. Bhavani Revanna has already prepared to enter the assembly election arena. In this way, if the ‘women’s weapon’ is experimented with by JDS, the direct battle will gain more momentum. It is because of such a feature that personal criticism and notes have started. MLA Pritam has left the issue of drunkenness and drunkenness, in return, JDS workers have protested in front of Pritam’s house.

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due to caste
In Hassan, Okkaliga are decisive. But the internal sectarian politics among the Okkaligas also influence the outcome of the constituency. In this view, Pritam of BJP had done the same calculation last time. Overriding all this is the respect for Devegowda in the district. JDS also reckons that it should be worked out.

A glimpse

  • Pritam Gowda, who became an MLA, spoke lightly about former Prime Minister Deve Gowda. In return, JDS activists attacked Pritam’s house. In this case, BJP stood behind Pritam.
  • Revanna always mocks Pritam as ‘accidental MLA’. Pritam is retaliating harshly to this.
  • Pritam, who was present at the place during Hasanambe’s darshan, took care of it. JDS leaders are worried about this.
  • Pritam accuses Bhavani Revanna that mother and son drink. Dharani in front of Pritam’s house by JDS.

2018 election result
Winning Candidate: Pritam Gowda (BJP)
Nearest Contender: HS Prakash (JDS)
Margin of victory: 13,006

This time potential

  • BJP: Pritam Gowda
  • JDS: Bhavani Revanna/ HP Swarup
  • Congress: Bagur Manjegowda/ Banavasi Rangaswamy