Karnataka Election 2023: After sari-kukar, badota, tour now the lure of free site!

Karnataka Election 2023: After sari-kukar, badota, tour now the lure of free site!
Bengaluru: If you vote for me in the elections, your family will be given a plot for free!-This is the declaration of a candidate of a political party in the suburbs of Bangalore.

Voter luring is nothing new as elections approach. Giving small donations like TV, cooker, fridge, mixer, saree, arranging badota, giving valuable gold jewellery, organizing sports tournaments, donating to temples, taking voters to tourist spots – all this is usually left.

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However, a political party leader of Ramanagara district is going around claiming that he will give plots beyond all these lures.

The Election Commission has full powers to take action against such lures after the announcement of elections. However, now the commission is not able to monitor such an act. Capitalizing on this, politicians have started announcing massive free schemes to voters.

A politician in North Karnataka gets Rs 6,000 per vote. He had announced to give. After it became controversial, the Election Commission had announced that it would keep an eye on such operations.

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I will give 15*20 site to thousand people of my field

Now site politics has started in Magadi. BJP ticket aspirant Prasad Gowda has offered to give 3000 seats to voters. Prasad Gowda, a businessman, had earlier given gold nose rings to 1 lakh women. Seemantha program was conducted for pregnant women.

In the first phase, they have proposed to give 15*20 plot to 1000 people. He said in a press conference on Thursday that he will give land to widows, needy, orphans, disabled and homeless. This free offer is available only to the voters of Magadi assembly constituency.

Prasad Gowda said that he will buy the adjacent land with four acres of land in his father’s name at Kendappanahalli in Bidadi and develop the barangay on a total of 10 acres.

Bring Voter ID
To get the seat of Prasad Gowda, voters of Magadi Constituency must apply with Ration Card, Aadhaar Card, Voter ID. It is special that Prasad Gowda has come forward to distribute this seat before the elections. “After the district officials convert the land to non-agricultural activities, I will give GPA to the selected people of the constituency. The site will be developed on a total of 10 acres. First priority will be given to the needy and the mentally challenged,” said Prasad Gowda.

The lure that started with a cooker has now gone up to lakhs. It is not a good development that those who have acquired property illegally are going to buy votes in lakhs. This is very dangerous for democracy. Retired Justice of the Supreme Court said that citizens should become conscious. N. Santosh Hegde said.

Government does not provide land. MLAs and ministers do not talk about location. What Prasad Gowda is offering now is good. Ere Gowda, a resident of Ramanagara, is of the opinion that if you give, you get.

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