Karnataka Assembly: Speaker Kageri worried about the quality of education in universities

Bangalore: The Karnataka State Universities (Amendment) Bill 2022 was passed in the Assembly on Wednesday. Higher Education Minister Dr. C. N. Aswatthanarayana, presented this bill and appealed for its approval.

Earlier, Speaker Kageri, who had expressed his displeasure about the quality of education in state universities, said that there is no standard in the university. He said that he is dissatisfied with the educational institutions.

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I am surprised to see the complaints I get, the injustice being done to the students. He expressed displeasure that I said this in a very sad mood.

You have to make the right decision about quality education. He advised the Minister of Higher Education to talk to the chancellors of the universities about this.

JDS member A. T. Ramaswamy said that the quality of education in the state is declining. Private universities are getting more donations. Does the government not know this? He questioned.

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Deputy Leader of Opposition T. Speaking, Khader advised the government that it would be a good idea to make rules to maintain quality in universities. Besides, other members spoke about this act and expressed their displeasure with the universities. The House then passed the Karnataka State University (Amendment) Bill by voice vote.

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The Prohibition of Conversion Bill was also passed in the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday. Home Minister Araga Gyanendra moved the House on Wednesday to reconsider the Karnataka Religious Freedom Protection Bill, 2022 as passed by the Karnataka Legislative Council with amendments.

There is a lot of discussion in the Legislative Council. The minister requested approval for this. Speaker Vishweshwar Hegade Kageri approved the act by voice vote.

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