Karnataka Assembly: PSI exam scandal in the assembly uproar: Congress brought davas grain to the house!

Bangalore: The PSI exam scandal in the assembly caused a huge ruckus. Siddaramaiah, who participated in the debate in the Assembly under Rule 69 on PSI recruitment illegality, attacked the government. CM Basavaraja Bommayi responded by saying, You are the great event manager.

Speaking about the scam, Siddaramaiah said that 545 PSI recruitments were held in 2021. Now it has made a big noise in the entire state and has attracted the attention of the people of the state. PSI recruitment was notified on May 22, 2020. 127 seats were to be reserved in Kalyan Karnataka. Another notification was made in January 2020. In this, 107 posts were made for Kalyan Karnataka from 120 posts. PSI candidates are protesting against cancellation of appointment at Freedom Park. The families of PSI candidates have given the dhavasa grains grown in their land. I had brought them, but they are missing. Someone made it look like it didn’t exist. He said that the intention was to deliver it to the government through you.

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Speaker Kageri who intervened, I am responsible for anything here. Where is it, give it, he said. When Siddaramaiah asked where to give it, he said that according to the rules, it is not possible to bring all this inside.

On this occasion Congress MLA Raje Gowda brought davas grains to Siddaramaiah. Siddaramaiah offered to give it to the Speaker.

CM objected

At this time, CM Basavaraja Bommai intervened and raised objection to this. He gave a ton to Siddaramaiah that the event management was good. Siddaramaiah retorted that I don’t know event management, I don’t have any. He asserted that action has been taken against the ADGP in the case, informed about the government’s action.

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You are the greatest event manager

CM Basavaraja Bommayi retorted to Siddaramaiah that you are the greatest event manager. He said that you have learned recently. For this, Siddaramaiah, all his target is on me. I know who you attacked in Doddaballapur. I know who is being attacked in the House. More strong, more enemies, less strong, less enemies.

The entire BJP government has targeted me. This will benefit me and the party, we will benefit as much as you target. Siddaramaiah retorted that he was afraid. Siddaramaiah challenged that he cannot scare me no matter what.

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In this case, CM replied, we will bring out Karma Kanda. We are ready for any discussion. We are ready to hear the debate. We are ready to answer. But it is not right to deviate and do politics. The CM said that people will decide that you are an opposition party that misleads the people and cannot deceive anyone.

Madhuswamy objected

Law Minister J. that it is not right to bring rice grains to the House. C. Madhuswamy objected. Madhuswamy raised objection that it is not right for your MLAs to bring and give.

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