Karnataka Assembly: PSI exam scandal in the assembly! Madhuswami-Siddaramaiah Jatapati

Bangalore: The PSI examination scandal in the assembly caused a huge uproar. Siddaramaiah moved a standing notice on the PSI scam and sought a discussion under Rule 60.

PSI scam is being debated in the public domain. How can you remain silent? What is the message that there is no discussion in the House? Siddaramaiah demanded that there should be a discussion under Rule 60.

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MLA Priyank Kharge supported this, the PSI exam scam case is not going on in the High Court. Only the bail application case is going on. There is no case in the court regarding the selection process. He demanded that discussion should be given in this regard.

Law Minister J. objected to this. C. Madhuswamy read out the rules and said that under Rule 60, the matter cannot be debated in the House.

Siddaramaiah has mentioned ruling party legislators and ministers in the notice given. But it has not been said who. Discussion cannot be allowed under the stand. Let’s discuss under different rules, he said.

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Siddaramaiah, who did not agree to this, insisted that the rules should be read in the House and allowed for discussion. There is a bail application and another case in the court. The cases in court are discussed here. DK Ravi, communal riots, Golibar case are discussed. The Home Minister has replied in the House that no such illegality has taken place. Prabhu Chauhan of your party has written a letter. If it is not discussed, it becomes irresponsible. He requested that discussion should be given in this regard.

The challenge is to discuss all the scandals

Objecting to Siddaramaiah’s remarks, Madhuswamy said the government has taken appropriate steps in the PSI exam scam. We have arrested ADGP level officers. All this happened because of our government, he justified the action of the government. He said that not only the PSI exam is illegal, but all the illegalities should be investigated.

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Responding to this, Siddaramaiah said, Let there be a discussion about all the scandals that have happened since 2006. Challenged that we are ready.

69 allows discussion under

Although the Congress sought a debate under Rule 60 on the PSI exam scam, Speaker Kageri allowed a debate under Rule 69.

Zamir do you understand the rules?

MLA Jameer stood up when the Congress members were demanding that they should be given an opportunity to discuss the illegality of the PSI examination. At this time, Madhuswami scolded Jameer and said that Jameer does not understand the rules of the house, sit down. Apart from that, former minister MB Patil was also taken to task.

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