Karnataka Assembly: Madhuswami says you don’t understand the rules, Jamir!

Bangalore: Shut up Jameer you don’t understand the rules. Chamarajpet MLA Jameer Ahmed has been instructed, Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister J. C. Madhuswami. There was an uproar in the House as the Congress insisted on seeking permission for discussion under Rule 60 regarding the PSI scam. Madhuswamy rejected the demand of the Congress citing the rules.

While Law Minister Madhuswamy was answering the standing question, Minister Madhuswamy addressed MLA Jamir who stood up and said, Jamir, do you know the rules? “You don’t understand the rules, shut up,” he said. At this time Speaker Kageri is also talking about the rules, Zameer said sit down.

Karnataka Assembly: PSI exam scandal in the assembly! Madhuswami-Siddaramaiah Jatapati
Senior Congress leader Deshpande stood up again and said Madhuswami, Deshpande this is too much on your part. Madhuswami expressed his anger against Deshpande saying U should be ashamed.

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Siddaramaiah is unhappy with the absence of the minister during the MLA’s discussion on excessive rains

Leader of the Opposition Siddaramaiah expressed his displeasure over the minister’s absence during the MLA’s discussion on the issue of excessive rainfall. Responding to this, Speaker Kageri said, “The minister has gone here. R. Ashok has got a little fever.” He said that he has informed.

Madhuswamy, though friendly, spoke sternly: Siddaramaiah humor in the House

For this, no no, there should be ministers when MLAs speak. I have come and seen, the minister is proud that not one is listening.

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