Karnataka Assembly Elections: Siddaramaiah, DK Shivakumar using Kuruba, Okkaliga card! Who has the position of CM?

Bengaluru: Congress leaders are trying to win the favor of their communities in the wake of the assembly elections, Siddaramaiah and DK Shivakumar, who are vying for the post of CM, are preparing to woo the strength of their respective communities.

Siddaramaiah, who had demonstrated his strength through Siddaramautsav, is trying to prevent the votes of that community from leaning towards the BJP. BJP is also trying to attract the Kuruba votes, and in this regard, they are being careful not to divide the Kuruba votes.

As a continuation of this, Siddaramaiah is constantly participating in Kanaka Jayanti. Siddaramaiah is participating in these programs no matter where the invitation comes from any corner of the state. By this they are trying to strengthen Kuruba votes.

BJP is trying to attract the votes of backward classes through former minister KS Eshwarappa and other leaders. Efforts are being made to attract the attention of the community through conventions. In this regard, it is also a challenge to prevent the votes of this community from being divided.

Use political power to fight for increased reservation for Okkaliga community: DK Shivakumar
Recently, some members of the Kuruba community attacked Siddaramaiah in the name of Hindu organization. Kuruba leader K Mukudappa’s “off the record” speech created a stir. In favor of Siddaramaiah, an attempt is being made to portray that there is no full-fledged Kuruba community. Siddaramaiah is also taking a cautious step in this regard.

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DK’s attempt to gain the favor of Okkalig
DK Shivakumar has tried to favor Okkaligara in the Okkaligara reservation meeting. I have been made the Congress Party State President. I have been appointed in this position after SM Krishna. If the history of my organization is one side, the fact that I have been selected because I belong to the Okkaliga community is another fact.

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Today we have an opportunity. Today the light has reached our doorstep. You have to use it politically. Political opportunity should be used. You have to open the windows and doors of your house and invite that light inside. As Lakshmi is invited into the house, the power should be acquired. If you don’t have power in your hands, you can’t do anything. They have tried to win the sympathy of the community by saying that giving and letting go of power is only in the hands of this race.

All in all, DK Shivakumar and Siddaramaiah are already indirectly claiming the CM position in Congress. Along with this, they are trying to use the power of their pro-community. But it is curious to what extent it will bring benefits politically.