Kannada is sovereign in use: Force of law for mandatory Kannada observance in administration- CM

Bangalore: CM Basavaraja Bommai has announced that a bill will be presented in the current session to make the use of Kannada mandatory at all levels of administration. The Government has given this assurance to the Legislative Assembly at a time when there is widespread opposition to the imposition of Hindi.

There is a Kannada Development Authority to monitor the adequate use of Kannada language in the administration as a whole including various departments. However, the authority does not have the statutory authority to take action against officials who ignore and insult Kannada. So, although the authority kept insisting to give more powers to the organization, no action was taken in this regard.

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CM Bommai has now clarified the government’s stand on this issue in the House and said, “The government is committed to protecting the land, water and people, including the Kannada language. This purpose will be given the shape of law,” he said.

Addressing this issue in the background of JDS MLAs expressing opposition to Hindi Divas celebrations, the CM said, “India is a union of states of various languages ​​and cultures. No imposition of language is allowed. Prime Minister said that all regional languages ​​are national languages. The government is committed to protect and develop Kannada. Don’t worry about this,” he promised.

“There is no question of compromise in this matter. We have always taken decisions beyond politics regarding our land, water, people and language. Kannada is used as the dominant language in the state. We are bringing a law to increase the use of Kannada. For the first time, we are bringing a bill to make Kannada legally mandatory in this session,” he said.

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Nature of the Act

“Until now, we have only been talking about Kannada as compulsory, and there are many committees and authorities. But it does not have the nature of law. Legislation is being brought for the first time to give form to law. Kannada language, Kannada people and Kannada speaking people are also protected by that law. In order to further develop Kannada, there will be more insistence and emphasis on foreign speakers learning Kannada,” he told the House.

Earlier, JDS leader H.D. Kumaraswamy said that there should be no attempt to strangle regional languages.

What is in the bill? ?

All those educated in Kannada medium should be given priority in higher, technical and vocational education. The Kannada Development Authority had submitted several recommendations to the government, including that industries should provide job reservation for Kannadigas. Similarly, Kannada should be made compulsory in the courts as well. Top sources have said that the ‘Kannada Language Comprehensive Development Bill-2022’ has been designed which includes aspects that make Kannada language knowledge compulsory in the recruitment of government departments and cooperative societies.

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There is no question of compromise in Kannada. CM Basavaraja Bommai said that we will bring a bill in this session to make Kannada compulsory at all levels.

Chairman of Kannada Development Authority T.S. is happy that the government has decided to implement a separate act for the implementation of Kannada in all sectors. Nagabharana said.