Kannada, Department of Culture website Hindi: Siddaramaiah’s rant against the BJP government

Bengaluru: Siddaramaiah, who strongly objected to the publication of information about the ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ program in Hindi on the website of the State Kannada and Culture Department, expressed outrage that Kannada is being insulted by forcefully imposing Hindi.

Sharing a picture of the program in Hindi on the website on Friday, he said on Twitter, ‘It is condemnable that the state government led by CM Basavaraj Bommai is insulting Kannada-Kannadiga-Karnataka by trampling on Kannada repeatedly for the sake of favoring central BJP leaders.
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Complaining that the program attended by the Union Home Minister in Bengaluru on Thursday, Siddaramaiah said, ‘The banner of the ‘Sankalpa din Siddhi’ program attended by Union Minister Amit Shah was completely backward. On the other hand, the Kannada and Culture Department is flaunting the crown of Hindi on its website. The website of the Kannada and Culture Department is proof that the BJP government has completely surrendered to the Hindi language. First remove Hindi from this website and save the self-esteem of Kannadigas.

The chief minister and departmental ministers should make it clear whether the state has a Kannada and culture department or a Hindi and culture department. If the department responsible for the protection and promotion of Kannada and culture excludes Kannada, which has a history of 2,000 years, and reduces it to the promotion of the Hindi language, then who is the minister who will protect the Kannada language?
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Why are you trampling the self-esteem of Kannadigas at the feet of ‘Uttar Kumara’ to retain power? Surrender is not the quality of Kannada soil. Minister Sunil Kumar, who came from the land of Veerarani Abbakka, should not have had such a slave mentality.’