Kannada book exhibition canceled in Mysore Dussehra government! HDK criticized in harsh words

Bangalore: Former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has strongly condemned the behavior of the state BJP government, which has abandoned the Kannada book exhibition at the world-famous Nadahabba Mysore Dussehra festival this year.

He has not only criticized the government’s action by tweeting about this, but has also released a media statement. The state BJP government’s policy regarding Mysore Dussehra, a landmark of Kannada’s rich heritage and literary wealth, is highly condemnable. HD Kumaraswamy said that the government’s neglect of Kannada language and culture is an insult and betrayal of the mother tongue.
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Kannada book exhibition in Mysore Dussehra is a Kannada Mati Seva Kainkarya which has been going on continuously since time immemorial. However, the BJP government has once again announced its anti-Kannada policy by giving impetus to the Kannada book exhibition. HDK, Mysore is a cultural city that has threatened the book culture. Dussehra, a world famous cultural festival. Despite this, the state BJP government is going to impose its ‘secret agenda’ by defying Kannada. What else can be expected from the BJP party which advocates Hindi language? HD Kumaraswamy questioned that.
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The state BJP government has made it a daily routine to finish Kannada. Whenever he gets time, he continues to work on giving ax to Kannada. BJP is testing the peace and tolerance of Kannadigas. It looks like the Kannada book exhibition has been deliberately abandoned. The state BJP government and Kannada Culture Minister Sunil Kumar should give an answer to Kannadigas about this. The former chief minister insisted that Kannada book exhibition should be organized immediately.