Indira canteen reopened, CM Sidhu government ready to strengthen!

Indira canteen reopened, CM Sidhu government ready to strengthen!
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Bangalore: CM Siddaramaiah has decided to check the condition of Indira canteens across the state. Siddaramaiah said that he has instructed the officials to submit a report on the condition of Indira canteens and informed that his government will take further action based on this report.

Siddaramaiah started Indira Canteen in 2017 when Amma Canteen became popular in Tamil Nadu when he was CM. Indira Canteen was hugely popular for offering food at low prices. 175 Indira Canteens were set up under BBMP in Bengaluru. Apart from this, Indira canteens were also started in many district centres. It was an ambitious project of the Siddaramaiah government.

In-principle consent to guarantees, implementation from next cabinet itself – Siddaramaiah’s announcement
Although Indira canteens are popular across the state, many controversies surround them. There were rumors of corruption in many places. From the construction of Indira Canteen to the issue of customer accounts, many allegations were heard. Till May 2019, Indira Canteens were functioning successfully.

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After BJP came to power in 2019, many problems were faced in the functioning of Indira canteens. Allegations were heard that the bill payments to the contractors were not being made on time. It was also heard that the state government and local bodies are not providing adequate funding for the smooth running of Indira canteens. The Congress party had made many allegations against the BJP government.

Siddu Padagrahana: Holi meal at Indira Canteen from Bank Basappa in Mysore!
In 2017-18, the Congress government allocated Rs 100 crore to Indira Canteen. had given 145 crores in 2018-19 Congress-JDS coalition government. had given However, there were accusations that the BJP government did not release the grant to Indira Canteen for the next 2 years. But BBMP has allocated Rs 63 crore for Indira Canteen in the financial year 2022-23. was removed. Indira said that customers are not coming to the canteen. BJP had promised to open Atal Food Center in its manifesto during the 2023 assembly elections. By this, the BJP had given instructions to change the name of Indira Canteen to Atal Aharak Kendra. BJP had promised to open Atal Food Center in all the wards under BBMP in Bengaluru city district.

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