In many villages where there are no Muslims, Muharram is celebrated by Hindus..! A symbol of religious spirituality..!

At a time when fights, quarrels and riots are going on in many parts of the country on the issue of religion, on the issue of beliefs, the people of many villages in the state of Karnataka have spread religious sentiments and sent a message of communal harmony to the entire country. Even in towns where there are no Muslims, Muharram festival has been celebrated and the message of religious spirit and brotherhood has been spread. Most of all, Muharram is being celebrated in towns where there are no Muslims..!

Muharram is celebrated by Hindus in a town where there are no Muslims..!

In the nearby village of Muddalagundi, where there is no Muslim community, Hindus have been celebrating Moharram as a village festival for hundreds of years.

Since the beginning, the families of the Muslim community have not settled here. However, Doddabasava Halegowda and Shekargowda Halegowda say that people from all walks of life get together and enshrine the Gods of Allah and celebrate Moharram on the last two days.

Religious functions are performed by calling Maulvis from Mudenur. It is special that it is the Hindus who perform all the responsibilities from worshiping and worshiping the God to sending the God to the stream. As the festival of Muharram approaches, villagers clean and decorate their houses. Another special feature is that there is a mosque right in front of the Maruti temple in the center of the village. Being farmers, they have built a mosque on their own, done a lot of work and are celebrating the festival. Through this they are successful in bonding.

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Muharram even in a village near Kurugodo where there are no Muslims..!

Muharram is a festival that exemplifies harmony by celebrating Hindu Muslim brothers in harmony. However, in the village of Mushgatte near Kurugodu town, despite the absence of Muslims, it is special that the festival of Muharram has been celebrated in a grand manner for many years.

There are 700 families in the village and a population of 2000. There is not a single house of Muslim community in the village. However, to save the Muharram heritage, the villagers have built a mosque as a symbol of Maulali’s father. It is believed that the potter Bhimappa Tatha used to speak during the Moharram festival, so the people of this village were living a healthy life due to good rains and crops. This custom is still being observed even today, even though there are no Muslim community members.

Muharram is celebrated by Hindus in Shikaripura Taluk Bagankatte

Not a single Muslim family lives in the village. However, the work of saving the heritage by holding the Moharram celebration of ‘Alabiswami’ in a grand manner is going on in Bagankatte of the taluk.

Like all Hindu festivals of Bagankatte, Muharram is celebrated as a tradition. There is a temple of Sri Anjaneyaswamy, Srisiddeswaraswamy, Srirevanasiddaswamy, Sri Marikambe temple of the village and a building has been constructed to house Alabiswamy along with them. On the occasion of Muharram, it is celebrated grandly with microphone sets, electrical decorations and processions in all the streets of the village.

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On the third day of the new moon, the Hare Shastra is first performed to remove the fire pit. Then the god is seated for three days. Eshwarappa of the village is responsible for all the work, including the sitting of the deity. Many people from the village celebrate the festival with them. On the last day of Muharram, a Muslim man from Bairanahalli village is invited and offered special pooja.

On that day, many people of the village fast and offer their devotion. The bearers offer chicken and sheep to God. Vegetarians eat mandakki, sugar, peppercorns. After the festival, all the deities are kept safe in the cupboard of the village temple after the deities are washed.

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Muharram celebration led by Hindus in a village of Belgaum..!

Aladakatti K. of Yaragatti taluk here. M. Hindus and Muslims have been celebrating Muharram together in the village as a symbol of harmony. It is special here that Hindus do all the important functions of the Muharram celebration. Muslims perform only one puja. This time the celebrations of Muharram started on August 7 and will end on August 9.

Panjas (gods) are enshrined in the Fakkireeshwar Swamy temple here during Moharram. Months before the festival, Hindus engage in preparations. Art exhibition, Karabal, prepares for Jhanj path. Decorated coffins are prepared and portraits of gods and goddesses are pasted on it. Cultural and various religious programs are organized.

This time they brought wood from every house and prepared Kiccha (Kenda). Gandharatri is celebrated on Monday. On Tuesday midnight, the devotees go to Kenda. On the night before Muharram, vigils and rituals are performed until the god goes to the river. Villagers say that panjas have the power to fulfill the wishes of devotees.

Moharram of emotionality in Shahapur..!

On the occasion of Moharram festival in Shahpur city, like every year, Hindu Muslims witnessed the grand procession of the head of the taluk, Lalsab, entering the city and returning with devotion and peace. For the past two years, the celebration of Muharram festival had faded due to Corona. This time everyone celebrated Muharram in a grand manner. As usual, the famous Lalsab deity of Shirawala village in the taluk arrives in the early hours of the morning from the village on the 7th of Moharram. A procession takes place from Guttipet Masjid on the way while returning after performing puja rituals with the deity at Halepet Masjid. Hundreds of Hindu and Muslim youth march along the procession chanting the words of Muharram with Bhaja Bhajantris and chanting the Gods by stepping alai. On this occasion, almost all the communities in the city offer offerings, nuts, flowers and frankincense to the God. Many lie cross-legged especially on the path where God walks. It is believed that it will be good if God crosses them.

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