In communal riots, D.K., Shimoga ahead.. Udupi, Kolar top in rowdyism!

Bangalore: Recently in Dakshina Kannada district three caste-based murders took place within a few days. The murder case of Masood in Sulla of the district and the murder case of Praveen Nettaru and Fazil which took place after it shocked the state. Earlier, the case of Harsha’s murder in Shimoga had also caused a huge uproar across the state.

Politically, these incidents also led to recriminations between Congress and BJP. An interesting fact is that Dakshina Kannada and Malenadinashivamogga, known as the districts of the wise, are ahead in cases of communal riots in the state in the last five years.

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Yes, according to the state government statistics, 242 cases based on communal riots have been registered in the state in the last five years, of which 57 cases have been registered in Sivamogda district and 46 cases have been registered in Dakshina Kannada district. With this, these two districts have taken the top spot in communal riots. Elsewhere Bagalkote recorded 26 cases, Davangere 18, Haveri 18, while Kalaburagi, Ramanagara, Mandya, Uttara Kannada, Koppal districts remained away from sectarian cases.

Udupi, Kolar ahead in rowdyism!

If this is one side, on the other hand Udupi and Kolar have topped in rowdism and the highest number of rowdism based cases have been registered in these districts. In the last five years, 431 cases have been registered in Udupi district, 165 in Kolar and 152 in Dakshina Kannada. Further, 60 cases have been registered in Bangalore City, 97 in Kalaburagi and 156 in Shivamogga.

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In three years 4 sectarian murder

In the last three years, there have been four caste-based murder cases in the state. There have been 1 cases in Mangalore city, 1 in Gadag (Naragunda) and 1 in Shimoga in Dakshina Kannada district. 31 cases have been reported in Shimoga regarding damage due to communal conflict.

In a riot 380 Physical harm to the police also

These situations are really challenging for the police who have to control riots and communal conflicts. Policemen have also been physically assaulted while controlling mob clashes and 380 policemen, including officers, have been physically harmed in the state in the last five years.

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In this connection, 27 cases have been registered in 2017, 2018 – 15, 2019 – 36, 2020 -23, 2021 – 20 and 2022 – 20 cases. 107 police officers, sub inspector – 49 head constable – 96 and cons table 128 were physically assaulted. 3,489 accused have been prosecuted in connection with the attack on the police. Out of these, action has been taken against 802 accused in Uttara Kannada district, 465 in Davangere, 501 in Mangalore and 493 in Bangalore city.

It is said that the state government and the police department have taken many precautionary measures to control communal riots. But there is no break in communal riots. Another assembly election will be held in the state. In such a case, there is a fear of riots based on religion. Police department also needs to take precautionary measures in this regard.