Illegal recruitment of PSI: Congress releases video against Dadesaguru

Bangalore: Congress has released a video in this regard, accusing Kanakagiri MLA Basavaraja Dadesagur of corruption in connection with PSI recruitment.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Congress MLA Priyank Kharge and former minister Shivraj Tangadagi made the allegations by releasing a video recording.

Former minister Shivraj Thangadagi accused Kanakagiri MLA Basavaraja Dadesagur of corruption by releasing two videos and one photo related to PSI Scam at KPCC office on Queens Road, and after the audio went viral, he gave money and made a different statement.
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In the first video, Parasappa, who had accepted MLA Dadesagur’s request for 30 lakhs for PSI recruitment, denied it in the second video. And they have created confusion and doubt by saying that there is no money transaction.

Parasappa, who was wearing the clothes in video 2, is seen in the photo in the same clothes. And in this photo, he is seen in the same clothes and next to him is an acquaintance of Parasappa holding a yellow bag. Ex-minister Thandagagi accused Parasappa of changing his words after giving him money.

Let there be a legal investigation into this case. More than 15 people have given money in our constituency. Who is not coming forward and talking. They sold the land and gave money. He said that those who are not coming forward because of fear, he said, I request them to break the 40% commission and return the money.
PSI Recruitment Scam: MLA Basavaraja Dadhesuguru admits receiving money
Parasappa Koppal complained to BJP district president. No one in the government is talking about audio. Parasappa did a news conference on Audio Nanalla. My son has not passed the physical. Parasappa has given a bag of money. I will show you its photo. He released a photo of himself holding a bag of money saying that he will show me where he got the money.
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Surrender to judicial inquiry: Priyank Kharge
Speaking at the press conference, MLA Priyank Kharge said that the MLAs came and talked about finances. Discussion will be held in August 2020. There will be a conversation in the MLA’s car. MLAs have done business after having lunch. The business is for thirty lakhs. 15 lakhs advance. He alleged that MLA’s House is a hindrance to business.

Who was the Home Minister when the money was given? When the work did not work, Parasappa asked for the money back. For the minister, if the MLA is a broker. BJP is now a corrupt Janata Party. Alleging that the broker has turned into a Janata Party, he asked why no action has been taken against the MLAs yet. He complained that not even a notice was given.

CM Bommai was then the Home Minister. Now they are challenging us. The CM spoke about strength and dham. Sumoto case should be registered first, they are responding to corrupt people instead of responding to people. The giver and the taker agreed. However, no action has been taken. In this regard, he demanded that MLAs be arrested and investigated first.