If you ask BJP people where is fighter, silent, cycle, blade, they will know: Priyank Kharge

Bengaluru: Former Minister Priyank Kharge lashed out saying that if you ask the BJP members where the fighter, silent, cycle and blade are, they will know. Speaking at a press conference at the KPCC office on Wednesday, he retaliated in this way regarding the controversy over the BJP leaders sharing the platform with Silent Sunil.

Big thieves and petty thieves are joining BJP in the country. If the BJP wears a shawl, sins will be resolved. He said that there is no need to go to Kashi, the solution will be here.

Priyank Kharge: If BJP wears a saffron shawl, all sins will be cleansed: Priyank Kharge

Kalaburagi | Priyank Kharge will lose badly in the election: N. Ravikumar

If you have done illegal and anti-constitutional activities, there is no one as virtuous as you. Even though the CCB police searched, they could not find the rowdies, Tejaswi Surya was by his side. If you ask the BJP, you can say, where is the fighter? Where is the silent? Where is the bicycle? He said that he will know where the blade is.

Electoral roll is illegal
Irregularities have taken place in Ramnagar, Mandya, Kalaburagi in the name of voter list revision. 16,000 votes have been deleted in our constituency. This happened without Form 7. Maps have all the information. How to get it? It is not just limited to Otter ID. He alleged that this is an attempt to keep a watch on the citizens.

He alleged that the intention behind this is to find the account of social networks through the number and get the details of the political preference of the citizens.

BJP’s attempt at damage control
The BJP, which was indirectly calling KPCC president DK Shivakumar a disciple of Kotwal, has now become embarrassed that the party leader himself has shared the stage with the rowdy sheeter.

BJP MPs and MLAs have shared the platform with CCB most wanted Silent Sunila, now it seems that the opposition Congress has got a weapon to attack the BJP. In this regard, BJP leaders have come forward for damage control.

Congress: How did the rowdy BJP leaders who did not get into the hands of the CCB police get into the hands of them? Congress question
Kotwal used the term Shishya when the BJP was attacking the Congress party, especially the KPCC president DK. Not only this, the BJP leaders were also attacking Shantinagar MLA NA Harris’s son Muhammad Nalapad in a similar manner. But now the Congress is giving back to the BJP by bringing up the case of Silent Sunil.

What is the case?
BJP MPs Tejaswi Surya, PC Mohan, Chikkapet MLA Udaya Garudachar participated in the blood donation camp organized by rowdy sheeter Silent Sunil at Bengaluru’s Chamarajpet on Sunday. Silent Sunila wore a saffron shawl and shared the stage with MPs and MLAs in this event. This video is now being discussed in the public sphere.

Silent Sunil is a notorious rowdy. On November 23, the CCB police in Bangalore raided the houses of many rowdies. 26 people were arrested in this case. But during the police operation, Silent Sunila was absconding. But Silent Sunila was involved in the program along with BJP leaders.