If Congress government comes, conversion, amendment to cow protection act: Siddaramaiah

Bangalore: Former CM Siddaramaiah promised to amend the Land Reforms Act, APMC, Conversion and Cow Protection Act if Congress comes to power in 2023 elections.

Siddaramaiah, who voiced his support and anticipation for the ‘Bharat Unity Yatra in Karnataka’ held at the Samajwadi Forum Gandhi Bhavan, said, ‘The central and state governments led by the BJP are doing hate politics. “Bharat Jodo campaign is going on for the protection of the Constitution and the survival of democracy in BJP’s grip,” he said.

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Some media and Sangh Parivar and BJP party have portrayed that Rahul Gandhi does not have leadership equal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But, Rahul Gandhi cannot lie as much as Narendra Modi’, he said.

Legislative Council Leader of Opposition B. K. Hariprasad said, ‘It was decided to conduct this India Unity Yatra under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi in the Udaipur think tank. Accordingly, the yatra has been started, except for the right-wingers, the rest can participate in this yatra,’ he said.

99% of people in the Congress did not agree with the principles of the Congress. They are in the party only for power and position. The party too has failed to indoctrinate Congress leaders and workers. However, those in the top leadership of the Congress are committed to the ideology of the party. There may be differences of opinion within our party, but there is no difference of opinion’, he said.

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Senior political thinker Sudhindra Kulkarni said, ‘Internal introspection is necessary in the Congress party. Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have gained strength because of its many misjudgments and stances. So, all the party leaders should think freely and change their stand’, he suggested.

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