I am ready to apologize if I am hurt by the bribery-couch government’s statement: Priyank Kharge

Bengaluru: Former minister Priyank Kharge, who called the state government a bribery-couch government, said that he is ready to apologize if anyone was hurt by his statement. BJP Mahila Morcha condemned Priyank Kharge’s statement. It demanded an immediate apology.

In this background, Priyank Kharge, who has made a statement through a Facebook post, said that he is ready to apologise, and has further attacked the government.
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Ever since the BJP government came to power in the state, one scandal after another has been coming to light every day. This government is a virat form of corruption and a mirror for corrupt administration. He said that the widespread corruption going on especially in recruitment examinations is bringing tears to the eyes of thousands of youth of the state.

Whatever punishment is given for the irregularities in the recent KPTCL examination, there is no point. Government work is an opportunity to lift the entire family out of poverty and build a secure future. He alleged that this corrupt BJP government has systematically taken away that opportunity from the hands of the poor and worthy youth by taking bribes and passing the exams illegally.

In the press conference I held against this, I called this government a bribe-bed government. He said that BJP is trying to cover up the illegality of KPTCL by twisting my statement to their advantage to cover up their wrongdoings, to protect their corrupt image and to justify their wrongdoing.
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Priyank Kharge argues:

*This government minister cheated a young woman who came for work, got caught and had to resign. But no one from BJP asked him for forgiveness.

* When the video of a central minister having an indecent affair with a foreigner went viral, no one from the BJP sought an apology from him who saw the woman in agony.

*He did not ask for forgiveness from those who insulted the women of the entire state by sitting in the House and watching the scandal, instead he gave the ticket again and won, it is the same BJP party that made the loser MLC and DCM.

* A minister of this government asked ‘Which MLA of this state is monogamous?’ The BJP did not see the question as an insult to the girls of this country
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* When two MPs of BJP were caught in ‘me too’ case, when the girls of this country went for work, they did not apologize to them.

* BJP did not apologize to any of the cabinet ministers of this state when they got a stay from the high court fearing the ‘bench issue’.

His activists have created ‘Janakrosha’ for the evil administration of this government and put a brake on his Janotsava. Recently, an audio of a BJP government minister saying that ‘BJP government is not governing, instead we are managing’ is going viral.

It is our primary duty as the opposition party to speak as a mirror to the cases of couch-bribery that have happened and are still happening in this government. It is because we are doing that job properly today that the BJP leaders are making a disturbed statement today.
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I have followed Babasaheb’s ideals all my life. I did not mean in my words to insult the girl children of the country in any way. If my statement offended anyone, I am ready to apologize.

But will the BJP resign from all its leaders who have actually insulted the girl child and atone for the insult done to the women community of the state? Can we expect a positive response from the BJP? Asked that.