Huge demand for Karnataka millet; Our millet should be used to give rations in foreign countries too!

Huge demand for Karnataka millet;  Our millet should be used to give rations in foreign countries too!
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H.P. Punyavati
Bangalore: This is the first time that ragi, a much-demanded cereal of Karnataka, has been exported for the distribution of rations in the states of Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Chhattisgarh.

4.54 lakh metric tonnes of millet was purchased under the central government’s support price scheme in the current year. The famous ragi of the state is rich in iron, let others also use it. In addition, 200 quintals of Karnataka millet have been sent to Kerala, 2 thousand quintals of Karnataka millet each to Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, with the aim of further promoting our cereals. In our ration distribution, millet will be distributed in other states as well.

In Karnataka, Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) has 10.89 lakh cards (44.82 lakh beneficiaries) and Priority Household (PHH) 1.17 crore cards (3.97 crore beneficiaries) totaling 1.28 crore cards. Additional Director of Vigilance and Public Distribution Gyanendra Kumar Gangwar said that there are more than 4.42 crore beneficiaries.

Heavy rains hit last year: Widespread decline in food grain production in the state

One kg millet with rice

At present, the central government provides 5 kg to each beneficiary with a BPL card. Giving rice for free. In addition to this, the state government will provide one kg. Add a total of 6 kg. Groceries are provided through fair price shops. Now, after the new government came to power, as announced in the manifesto, the 6 kg that the central and states are giving now. Along with groceries, another four kg. Additionally add a total of 10 kg. Rice has been announced. Thus, the state will spend Rs 6,228 crore annually for additional rice. The grant is estimated.

Preparation for additional grain if directed by Govt

10 kg for every member holding BPL card in Congress election manifesto. Rice has been announced. As a result, Food and Civil Supplies Department Vigilance and Public Distribution Additional Director Gyanendra Kumar Gangwar has informed that after we get the notification, we will make necessary preparations for distribution.

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