HL Pushpa Dr. H. L. as the President of Karnataka Authors Association. Flower selection

Bengaluru: Senior poet and writer Dr. H.L. Pushpa was elected for a three-year term by a landslide.

There was a direct contest between the incumbent President Vanamala Sampanakumar and Pushpa. Finally, Pushpa won by a margin of 62 votes.
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Voting was allowed from 10 am to 4 pm on Sunday at BM Shri Foundation in N. R. Colony of the city.

Out of 1,330 members of the association, 1,295 were eligible to vote. In the districts, members voted by post. 650 people were eligible to vote in Bangalore. However, only about 280 people voted. 419 people voted by post from other parts of the state. That means a total of 699 votes were cast from all over the state. Out of these 44 votes were rejected.
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Dr. was elected as the president. HL Pushpa said, “I will try to bring all women writers under the framework of this association. “One of my main priorities is to give due recognition to the works of women writers,” he said.
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“Though our association has a building, it is not enough for the scope of the association. Therefore, I hope to arrange a well-equipped building. Besides, well-equipped library, documentation by senior artists is our priority. There is a shortage of funds for the association, and the attention of the government will be drawn to get more funds,” he shared with ‘Vijay Karnataka’ about the work plans.