Hindi Hiwas: HDK’s letter to CM not to celebrate Hindi Divas in the state

Bangalore: JDS leader H asked the state government not to celebrate Hindi Divas in the state, which will be held on Wednesday, September 14. D. Kumaraswamy demanded. H. has written a letter to CM Basavaraja Bommai in this regard. D. Kumaraswamy has insisted that Hindi Divas should not be celebrated in Karnataka.

What is in HDK’s letter?

India is a great confederation of more than 560 states comprising thousands of languages ​​and sub-languages ​​and having diverse social and cultural practices. To promote only one language in such a country is really a great injustice to the people.

Today is a dark day against Hindi Divas: Our Kannada language is HDK
Forced celebration of Hindi Divas in Karnataka on September 14, an event sponsored by the Union Government of India, is an injustice to the Kannadigas by the state government. On behalf of the Karnataka government, HDK has written a letter to the state government saying that for any reason, the state government should not celebrate Hindi Divas with the tax money of the people of our state.

JDS decision to celebrate Anti-Hindi Day..!

Objecting to the state government’s forced decision to celebrate Hindi Divas, the JDS has decided to celebrate Anti-Hindi Day on Wednesday, September 14. There will be a protest against the celebration of Hindi Divas in the premises of the state JDS office.

Kannadigas campaign on social media against Hindi Divas
A protest will be held in front of JP Bhawan on Wednesday at 3 pm against the central and state BJP governments. The protest will be led by JDS state president CM Ibrahim. JDS has objected that forced Hindi Day should not be celebrated as it is an injustice to Kannadigas.

The Karnataka Defense Forum held a protest in Shimoga against the central government’s ‘Hindi Divas’ celebration

Anti-Hindi posts made noise on the internet too..!

Posts against Hindi Divas are also circulating on social media. Kamran demanded that BJP supporters should first decide whether they are pro-Kannada or not.

Don’t do politics of favoritism in the name of Hindi Divas, this is an attempt to win votes of Hindi speaking people. Prashant is of the opinion that this trend will lead to the superiority of Hindi speakers.

Some people are also questioning why Kumaraswamy is talking now that he could have stopped all this when he was the CM.

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