Hindi Diwas | Opposition to Hindi Divas: JDS protest at Vidhansouda, outrage against Centre

Bangalore: The JDS staged a protest at Vidhansouda on Wednesday against the celebration of Hindi Divas. JD(S) leaders protested in front of the Gandhi statue of the Vidhana Soudha and expressed their outrage over the central government’s move.

Speaking after the protest, former CM H.D. Kumaraswamy, the Union Home Minister has repeatedly said that our protest is against the hidden agenda of imposing Hindi language.

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The declaration of one language one nation is only a political statement. Kannadigas are being teased through emotional issues. There is no Hindi language in North Indian states. There are the respective state languages. In such a situation, he said that the attempt to strangle the language is not right.

The people of the country have been shaken by the floods. Governments that do not protect them are working to destroy harmony in the matter of language. He expressed indignation that this was my contempt.

Opposition to Hindi Day: JDS MLAs attempt to enter the House wearing black belts

There was also an incident where JDS MLAs tried to enter the House wearing black belts in opposition to Hindi Day. The JDS MLAs who protested at Vidhansouda on Wednesday, wore black belts and red and yellow shawls and entered the House.

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JDS MLAs were stopped by the marshals. The legislators, who were about to arrive at the House from the west gate, wore a black armband on their right arm and a red and yellow shawl around their neck.

However, the marshals refused to let him into the house. He requested them to take off the black belt and come inside. After the marshals did not allow entry inside, finally the JDS MLAs removed the black belt and entered the House.

I have contempt against Hindi imposition: B.K. Hariprasad

Now for Hindi Divas, Parishad Leader of Opposition B.K. Hari Prasad tweeted and expressed his outrage. I am always a language learner. I speak six languages. I understand many languages. All languages ​​including Hindi are respected. He also said that he has contempt against the imposition of Hindi. He expressed outrage that the RSS conspiracy behind language imposition will not take place in this land that has given birth to thousands of languages.

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