Hindi Diwas | Celebrate ‘Nadabhashe Day’ instead of Hindi Divas: KRS party demands

Bengaluru: The KRS party has demanded that the Union Government of India should immediately stop the government-sponsored “Hindi Diwas” (Hindi Diwas) celebrations, which are being conducted with much fanfare on September 14 in many states including Karnataka.

This is not acceptable for Kannadigas. Anyone can learn anything by personal desire. But creating artificial necessity and forcing it is a violation of human rights. In addition, it is alleged that people’s tax money is being misused.
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Since the historical background where all countrymen should learn Hindi or celebrate “Hindi Divas” is irrelevant now, the Union Government of India should take action for the development of national languages ​​instead of allowing anti-Hindi sentiment to grow in non-Hindi states. In that regard Hindi Divas should be declared as “Deshbhasha Day”. The Karnataka Rashtra Samiti Party has requested the state governments to celebrate “Nadabhashe Day” on that day and implement plans to effectively implement the official administrative language of the respective state at all levels of the government.

When the freedom struggle was going on against the British, Indians should show disobedience to the British at all levels, leave the jobs of the British government, as well as give importance to Hindi, which was the most spoken language of India at that time, instead of English, the language of the British, and build a nation, with the urgent and noble attitude of the historical situation of that time, Mahatma Gandhi changed Hindi to Hindi. He gave importance. At the same time, Mahatma Gandhi was also a staunch advocate of mother tongue.
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This is not the context of freedom struggle, now there is no need or necessity for non-Hindi to learn Hindi. It is pointless to oppose English when the governments themselves are opening English medium schools. And trilingual formula is only applicable to South Indian states or states with non-Hindi official language which is insulting and unacceptable to non-Hindi speaking people. Which Dravidian language including Kannada is taught as a third language in which states where Hindi is the state language? This is discriminatory behavior and a cultural burden being imposed especially on the people of Dravidian languages,” Karnataka Rashtra Samiti Party state president Ravi Krishnareddy said in a statement.
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In a release, the KRS party said that it is calling on the people of the state to completely reject the government-sponsored “Hindi Divas” and instead celebrate it as “Nadabhashe Dina” and conduct all correspondence with the government in Kannada.
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The KRS party will present more ideas to the people through a Facebook Live program on September 14 at the party office. It has declared that there is no compromise on the issue of Kannada language, including the issue that everyone pursuing primary education in the state must learn Kannada as a language, and on the issue of mandatory adoption of Kannada at all levels of administration, including the judiciary.