Hijab Ban Case: Separate College for Muslim Girls: Govt’s Move Creates Controversy

Bangalore: In the wake of the hijab controversy, the state government’s move to set up a separate college for Muslim girls is causing a fierce controversy. The state government has given green signal to the proposal put forward by the State Waqf Board to establish 10 colleges in different districts of the state. But this is leading to strong opposition.

RSS has misguided society by sowing the poison of caste: Siddaramaiah

After the hijab controversy that started in Udupi College, there was a huge uproar across the state. Later, the High Court ordered the banning of hijab in the educational institution in this dispute which reached the court. The dispute is now in the Supreme Court.

Fierce struggle if a separate government college is opened for Muslim girls: Muthalik Kidi

Due to the ban on hijab, Muslim female students in many colleges failed to appear in the examination. By this his education was also cut short. According to statistics, about 16 percent of Muslim girls have dropped out of school due to the hijab controversy.

Meanwhile, the State Waqf Board has submitted a proposal to establish 10 women’s colleges across the state. The college will be built by the Waqf Board itself. The construction and management of the college will be completely supervised by the Waqf Board. 2.5 crore per college. A grant has also been earmarked. 13 petitions have been submitted to the government demanding the establishment of a separate college for Muslim girls. Out of this, the government has given permission to set up 2 colleges.

Opposition to Wakf move

But there is widespread opposition to the Waqf move. Pro-Hindu organizations are protesting. Shri Ram Sena leader Pramod Muthalik has strongly opposed this. He has warned that under the leadership of Sri Rama Sena, a fierce struggle will be waged including all Hindu organizations.

Why the separation?

Children and students of all religions should study together in schools and colleges. What is the need to establish separate women’s colleges instead? A question arises. If a separate college is established in this way, there is a possibility that the children will be further divided. There is concern from many quarters that this may create further danger in the society.