HD Kumaraswamy: If JDS comes to power, Muslims will get CM, Dalits will get DCM! What is the strategy behind HDK’s statement?

Bangalore: Former CM HD Kumaraswamy’s statement that if JD(S) comes to power in 2023 assembly election, he is ready to give CM post to Muslims and DCM post to Dalits, has now sparked a debate in the state politics.

Kolar: If JDS gets majority in the next elections, a Dalit person will be made DCM: HD Kumaraswamy

Speaking in Kolar, Kumaraswamy said that if the JDS comes to power independently, our party has a free chance to give the chief ministership to the Muslim community. Muslims are also ours, they are Kannadigas too. It does not mean that people from that community should not be made Chief Minister. There is no question of allowing only one person. He said that the problem in that community should be solved.

Not only that, he is ready to give Deputy Chief Minister post to Dalits and women too. This declaration was not made to get Dalit votes. A young man from that community told about the problem he faced. He said that he was sad that all the political parties were treating the Dalits indifferently.

Of course, when the discussion of Dalit CM is going on in the state, HDK’s statement has created a debate in many dimensions. Neither Muslims nor Dalits have enjoyed the position of Chief Minister in the history of the state. During the coalition government Dr. G Parameshwar was DCM while Govinda Karajola was DCM during BSY. But Muslims have not got the post of DCM till now.

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From 1952 to 1956, Kengal Hanumantaiyya was the Chief Minister of the state. Later Kadidal Manjappa, S. Nijalingappa, BD Jatti, S. R Kanthi, Virendra Patil, D Devaraja Arasu, R Gundurao, Ramakrishna Hegde, SR Bommai, S Bangarappa,

M Veerappa Moily, HD Deve Gowda, JH Patel, SM Krishna, N Dharmasingh, HD Kumaraswamy, Birasa Yeddyurappa, DV Sadananda Gowda, Jagadish Shettar, Siddaramaiah, now Basavaraja Bommai is the Chief Minister.

Among those who became DCM, SM Krishna, JH Patel, Siddaramaiah, MP Prakash, BS Yeddyurappa, KS Eshwarappa, Dr. during the coalition government. G Parameshwar, CN Ashwattha Narayan, Govinda Karjola, Lakshmana Savadi have got the post of DCM. If you look at the history of holding the post of CM and DCM of the state, this becomes clear here.

Political analyst Dr. Muzaffar Asadi said, ‘Former CM HD Kumaraswamy’s statement is only intended to win Muslim votes. Deve Gowda will not make anyone CM except HDK. However, it faces opposition within the JDS. Deve Gowda has already announced HDK as the next CM candidate. In such a case, Kumaraswamy’s statement is only to get Muslim votes. This cannot be believed.’ He also said that JDS will give 25 constituencies to Muslims. But if tickets are given in majority of Muslims, votes will be divided and there will be no benefit for Muslims, says Prof. Asadi.

It is ridiculous that Kumaraswamy has said that Muslims are free to give the title of CM because JDS will not come to power as a freedom party in this century, so Kumaraswamy has given this promise. If they really want to give power to Muslims, let them announce now that if the next government comes to power as a JDS independent or in a coalition government, they will make a Muslim Chief Minister. Without it, it will be a drama,’ says another political analyst, Raghu Dodderi.

All in all, HDK’s statement has created a platform for discussion on various dimensions. Kumaraswamy himself has to answer the question whether there is a real intention behind the statement or whether he made this statement only with an eye on the votes of Muslims and Dalits.