Government plan to regularize 12 lakh illegal houses, revenue expected to be ₹20,000 crore

Bengaluru: It is expected that the ‘Akrama-Sakrama’ scheme to regularize houses built illegally on revenue land across the state, including BBMP, will be implemented soon. Preparations are being made to regularize houses built on unconverted revenue land, unapproved barangays, and buildings without map approval by levying fines.

After a decade and a half legal struggle, the illegal-legal scheme is coming out of the way, and the government is ready to speed up the legalization process of approximately 12 lakh properties, including about 5 lakh houses under BBMP. However, properties with an area of ​​more than 2,400 square meters (40/60) and commercial buildings are completely excluded. It is estimated that due to the implementation of this scheme, revenue of Rs 20,000 crore will accrue to the state exchequer in the form of penalty charges.

Revenue Minister R. gave information about this to reporters at Vidhansouda. Ashok said, “A large amount of income will flow into the coffers from illegal and illegal, and the welfare of the poor and middle class will also be protected.”

Legal fate for illegal building..! Preparations for quick implementation in all cities of the state..!
Agree to condition

Our Bengaluru Foundation is withdrawing its petition from the court in response to the request made by the state government not to hinder the dream of the poor and middle class people to have their own roof. This will vacate the injunction issued by the Supreme Court. The government has agreed to the foundation’s two conditions that houses and properties above 2,400 square feet should not be encroached upon and commercial buildings should be excluded from the scheme. The government wants to implement the scheme as soon as possible in view of the upcoming elections, which the poor and middle class people have been waiting for for almost 15 years. As soon as the Supreme Court stay order is lifted, the government has decided to file the application again after setting the amount of penalty fee.

1,000 crores of BDA decision for regularization of 10,000 illegal buildings. Expectation of income
Chance again

Along with BBMP, a plan was made to regularize the estimated 12 lakh illegal properties in various urban areas of the state. Efforts were made in this regard during the previous BJP, Congress and coalition governments but were not implemented. Now the legal problem is being cleared and the green signal has been given for the implementation of the project.

We have received notice that the court’s injunction will be lifted for the illegal-legal scheme. The proper work of poor houses will start soon. Penalty charges will be fixed based on the size and area of ​​the property.
R. Ashok, Revenue Minister