Government hit the cultural sector; After hiding the voice of academies, Rangayana also got a bite!

Aitichanda Ramesh Uthappa Mysore
Mysore: The government, which has already cut funding to various academies and authorities, has now allocated an annual grant of only Rs 20 lakhs to Rangayans, which has caused severe outrage in the cultural sector. In this context, the director of Mysore Rangayana has returned the government car, allowance and honorarium as a sattvic protest.

It seems that the government is neglecting the cultural sector. The academies and authorities which were started with the aim of developing the local language, culture and literature at the grassroots level have been suffocated by cutting funding. Now, the government has made Rangayana, which is a hub for drama and cultural activities, in a helpless situation as it is unable to pay salaries to the staff.
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20 lakhs of Rs. only
Previously Rangayana was given a grant of Rs 98 lakh annually. Apart from this, due to the fact that various projects and programs were sanctioned separately, the government was getting assistance of one and a half crore rupees annually. This grant was reduced to Rs 60 lakh last year in the wake of Covid. Surprisingly, from this year only Rs.20 lakh. Scheduled, theater activity seems to be completely stopped. Not only Mysore but Kaluburagi, Dharwad and Shimoga Rangayanas also announced the same amount. The first two installments will be Rs.5 lakh each and Rs.10 lakh. Released. The recently established Vritti Rangayana of Davangere and Yaksha Rangayana of Karkala have been sanctioned Rs.10 lakh per annum.
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School closure status
The first government drama school in the entire state is running in Rangayana, Mysore. In this, 15 students are receiving training every year, and they have to pay Rs. 5,000 per student per month, the salary of all staff including teachers, office staff, contractors, and maintenance of dyeing should be done in Rs. 20 lakhs. The cost of a quality drama prepared in Rangayana, famous directors called for these dramas, honorarium of assistants, costume, travel, setting etc. should be covered by this grant. 20 lakhs in total. The directors are in a position where they are not able to lead Rangayanas on the grant.

Facility sacrifice
Dissatisfaction is being expressed that the government is going to deactivate the cultural sector including Rangayana and Academy. Meanwhile, the director of Mysore Rangayana, Addanda C. Karyappa, abandoned all the facilities and started a satvika protest. Government car is not used. Waived their travel expenses and allowances. Also, they refused to receive the monthly honorarium given to them by the government. It is said to give salary or facility to other staff in this cost.
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Rangayana is not just a theater institution. It is an ambassador of the cultural sector. But, only Rs 20 lakh for such an organization. If the annual grant is given, it cannot even pay the salary of the staff. A situation has come where we have to leave all our activities and new projects and sit empty-handed. In this background I am not getting government benefits, salary and allowance.
Addanda C. Karyappa, Director, Mysore Rangayana
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Salaries, allowances and other expenses are costing Rs 60 lakhs annually. It is not known in what account Rs. 20 lakh has been fixed in such a case. The officials of the department do not know what is practical. They are sitting in the office and allocating grants. It is not possible to conduct Rangayana with this grant. We will bring it to the minister’s attention.
Sandesh Javali, Director, Shimoga Rangayana