Get back to the text revised by Chakrathirth Committee: Letter from Deve Gowda to CM Bommai

BANGALORE: Former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda has urged CM Basavaraja Bommai to withdraw the revised text and continue with the text of Ramachandrappa’s committee. He has written a letter to the Chief Ministers

What’s in the letter written by HD Deve Gowda?

The chairman of the committee appointed for the revision of the textbooks has insulted the nationalist poet. It is a great insult to those who have twisted the badge, even though they said it would be great.

Rohit should be arrested, revised text should be returned:
Comparing the nadadhwaja to the inner garment is an insult to the nada asmati. Dr. Ambedkar is also hungry. The first mistake the government made was to revise the textbook under the presidency of such a person. Many of the mistakes made in the revision have been removed from Kuvempu’s portrait of a myriad of social science textbook integration lessons. Hopeful parts of Basavanna’s movement have been abandoned. Details of the service of Siddhagange and Adichunchanagiri Sri have been removed. Ambedkar has been stripped of the term ‘constitutional sculptor’. The texts of the great philosopher saints such as Akka, Kanaka, Purandara and Sharif are taken away. Things have been cut for the Kempegowda and Surapur leaders.

Ambedkar and Kuvempu’s disregard for the concepts of social justice, equality, secularism and universality highlighted in the revision.

Our position is that it is wrong to put theory in the text! BC Nagesh is clear
Numerous errors and injustices in textbooks cannot be corrected by themselves or by the printing of individual maps. Therefore, I am of the opinion that it is advisable to continue the revision of the textbooks and revise the textbooks reviewed by the 27 committees headed by the former Varaguru Ramachandrappa.

I also support the components of the “Vishwakarma Greater Conflict Committee” now being sent to them, and I hope to take immediate action on this issue.

Not a textbook revision, not an insult to Kuvempu: Department of Education!

The Karnataka Government’s Department of Public Education has said it was a lie that Rohit Chakravarita’s presidency committee had revised a text book with Class 4 environmental study practice. The Managing Director of Karnataka Text Book Association has made it clear that the fact that Kuvempu’s story has been abandoned and insulting to the nation has been ignored.

Siddaramaiah insulted Kuvempu. Let him resign as Opposition Leader: Education Minister BC Nagesh

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