Formation of commission of inquiry to clear encroachment of Lake, Rajkaluve: CM Bommai’s announcement

Bangalore:CM Basavaraja Bommayi said that an inquiry commission will be formed for the eviction of encroachments.

Responding to the excessive rainfall debate in the Assembly on Monday, I will conduct an investigation to prevent encroachment of the lake, Rajkaluwe and the buffer zone. He said he would form an inquiry commission headed by a judicial officer with technical members.

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The encroachment of the lake and Rajkaluve should be removed. Influencers also exert pressure while doing politics. This rain has opened everyone’s eyes. Wherever Rajkaalu has been narrowed, it will be repaired. Small canals have disappeared. He said that a new arrangement should be made in the outer sector.

For this, the new BDA, BBMP, Jalmandali should make a master plan together. It has been decided to re-draw the existing master plan. It will take another four to five years to recover. This has to be a continuous process. He said that we will work to remove all the encroachment in the scope of BBMP.

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2,626 encroachments were identified. We have cleared 428 encroachments till 2016. We have removed 1,502 encroachments after 2018. 602 encroachments are pending. Some had approached the High Court questioning whether the encroachment should not be vacated due to Covid. Then he brought a stay. IT BT has brought name to Bangalore. His contribution is high. They are less likely to stay in their own building. But the builders have closed Rajkaalu and built an IT park. We will fix this. He said that he will not compromise on this for any reason.

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Bangalore IT is also important for BT. Good atmosphere, technology and human resources are here. The contribution of the people of Karnataka and the contribution of the state is immense. He has never left anyone who would leave Bangalore. Those who left have returned to Bangalore, he said.

Last year, I gave 1,500 crores for flood management in Bengaluru. Earlier I gave Rs 300 crores for the maintenance of Rajkaluve. 300 crores more. It is given for road development. About Rs 600 crores. He informed that it will be given.

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