Expressway toll dispute moved by High Court, notice to highway authority to respond to allegation

Expressway toll dispute moved by High Court, notice to highway authority to respond to allegation
Bengaluru: The Bengaluru-Mysuru Expressway toll collection issue, which has caused a lot of controversy, has now reached the High Court and the court will review the issue.

In view of the public objection that the toll fee is being collected before the completion of the work, the High Court has instructed to give a response based on the media report.
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S.P. on Bangalore-Kanakpura road extension work. Regarding the PIL filed by Sandeep Raju, Chief Justice P.B. A division bench headed by Varle started the hearing on Wednesday.

At that time, the issue of toll near Kanaminake near Ramanagara on Bengaluru-Mysore highway was mentioned in the media. The court said that media coverage of the sit-in should be considered voluntary.

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Also, there is provision under Rule 3 of the National Highway Toll (Determination of Rates and Collection) Road-2008 to levy charges. Before this, several requirements must be fulfilled including notification publication. Fees are being collected from the riders and this issue needs to be considered. In this regard, NHAI, its Project Director, Project Implementation Unit and Assistant Executive Engineers of NHAI have directed to file objections within three weeks. The court directed the NHAI to respond to the allegations and points raised by the public.
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It directed the National Highways Authority of India to respond to allegations of toll collection before completion of work and manual toll collection without fast tag and other allegations. Also, the court adjourned the hearing to April 11, instructing them to file objections within three weeks.

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Enter Details:
News about a sit-in protesting the additional toll collection near Ramanagara on the Mysore-Bangalore highway. Published in media on 15th. The agency has started collecting toll, Rs 135-205 for cars and vans, and Rs 220-330 for light commercial vehicles such as mini buses.

The report mentions that Rs 460-690 for truck buses, Rs 500-750 for three-axle commercial vehicles, Rs 720-1,080 for heavy construction vehicles, and Rs 880-1,315 for extra-large vehicles. In its order, the bench recorded that even though the road construction work was not completed, the toll collection was unsustainable and the vehicles were being damaged due to major technical problems.
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Appointment of Court Commissioner:
The court appointed lawyer Shivprasad Shantana Gowder as a court commissioner to assist the court regarding the Bangalore-Kanakpura road widening issue.

Proper monitoring and supervision of the work related to the road construction contract should be carried out by an independent engineer. Court Appointed Commissioner can get necessary help. The bench has directed the executive engineer of Ramanagara division of public works department to appoint an assistant engineer to assist the court-appointed commissioner in technical matters and the court commissioner has agreed to submit a report within three weeks, the bench recorded in the order.

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