Expressway: Bangalore Mysore Dashpath Overload, speed both dangerous!

S. Shridhar
The ten-lane road between Bangalore and Mysore should be implemented soon to prevent it from becoming an accident highway.

In the last 10 days, 6 accidents have occurred on the expressway. Especially the lorries have overturned. All this is caused not only by over speed but also by overload. If such lapses are not checked soon, a big disaster is suspected.

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No one has any reservations: The vehicles are plying with more cargo than what is prescribed by the RTO department. In particular, the first phase of the expressway has now been opened for traffic. Vehicles are flipping due to over speed. KSRTC buses are also plying beyond the speed limit. The authority to inspect these points should be given to the RTO or the police.

Six accidents in 10 days: 51 km from Bangalore to Bhairapatnam in Channapatnam. m. Duro Expressway is ready. During the last 10 days, loaded lorries overturned in a total of six accidents at Halli Bridge in Tittamara, New Bypass at Lambani Tandya in Channapatnam, Bairapattana Bridge, 2 in Doddi Underpass in Deva Dasegowda, Railway Bridge near Kadu Mane. A biker died when the work was 90% complete. A case of hit and run was registered near Jaipur Gate.

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Causes of accidents: A video of a lorry overturning near the railway bridge near Kadumane, followed by an Irawat bus coming from behind and skidding, has gone viral on social media. Since there is a railway bridge here, a road of 500 meters has been constructed using only dust instead of stones. Thus 100 km. Officials have clarified that the vehicles coming at a speed higher than Mr. are sliding to a small extent.


* 120 km on the expressway. m. Vehicular traffic at higher speed than

* Transportation of more than specified load in lorries

* There is no system to check speed limit, overload etc.

* Notice boards are not installed near railway underpasses and bridges.

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Prioritize safety

* People trespassing on the highway should be monitored

* Speed ​​limit should be set for highway traffic

* Be careful while traveling on underpass, railway bridge, flyover.

* Roads should be new and vehicle tires should be of good quality.

* Speed ​​limit should be based on the quality of vehicles.

* It is advisable to check the overloaded vehicles before entering the expressway

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