Exploration of mineral deposits requires greater cooperation from the Centre: Mines Minister Halappa Achar

Bangalore: There are abundant mineral deposits in the state and the state government has taken necessary steps to explore them. But Halappa Achar, the Minister of Mines and Geology, said that the cooperation of the Central Mines Mantralaya Government and the Central Mineral Exploration Trust is needed to get good results in this search.

He was speaking at the ‘National Mining Ministers Conference’ which started in Hyderabad on Friday. Since independence, no government has ever taken such a transparent and environment friendly measures in the mining sector. These reforms have helped the state governments to collect more revenue. He said that scientific and environment-friendly measures have also contributed to the development of the mining sector of the states.

National Mines Ministers Conference in Hyderabad: State Mines Minister Halappa Achar participates
There are abundant opportunities for mining in the state of Karnataka. It ranks first in limestone mining and second in iron ore mining in the country. The state government has collected a revenue of Rs 6,308 crore in 2021-22. In the current year, revenue of Rs 1,425 crore has been collected till July and we are expecting a revenue of Rs 6,500 crore this time. Since 2015, there has been a lot of development in our state on the back of the improvement in the mining sector. There are more mineral deposits in the state and more emphasis needs to be given to their exploration. Karnataka State has already recruited 113 Earth Scientists in this regard. However, to achieve further progress in this process, the cooperation of the Central Mines Ministry Government and the Central Mineral Exploration Trust is required. He said that the central government should take necessary measures in this regard.

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Karnataka State secured the third position in the National Mineral Development Award last year. He said that we are aiming to develop to the first 2nd position by adopting new aspects in the mining department.

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Appreciation of technology adopted to curb illegal mining: In the National Mining Ministers’ Conference, the state of Karnataka appreciated the new technology adopted in preventing illegal mining. Also, by adopting reforms in the central mining policy, it was also praised for being second in the country in terms of auctioning mining blocks.

Union Minister of Mines Prahlad Joshi, Ministers of Mines Department of many states of the country, senior officials of Ministry of Mines and Director of State Mines Department DS Ramesh were present in the program.

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