Explained – What is Vinaya Harmoni Yojana? A bold step by the government to eradicate untouchability

Bengaluru: Untouchability practice is anti-constitutional. According to law this practice is a crime. However, untouchability still prevails in rural areas of the state. In order to prevent such inhumane practices, the Vinaya Reconciliation Scheme is being implemented in the state. Through this, the government has taken a bold step to eradicate untouchability. Since the month of April, the ‘Vinaya Hammoni’ has been in force in the state, and through this scheme, efforts are being made to create awareness among the people.

What is the Vinaya Harmoni Yojana?

Vinay is the son of Chandrasekhar and Lalita Dasar of Channadasar community, one of the scheduled castes of Kushtagi Miyapura village in Koppal district. Boy Vinay was taken by his parents near the Hanuman temple in their village on the occasion of his birthday. At this time the boy Vinay accidentally entered the temple. For this reason, the villagers joined Vinay’s parents and demanded Rs. He demanded to pay the fine. This incident has caught the attention of the people of the state of late. And it was the reason for the outrage of Dalit organizations.

When this case caught the attention of the people of the state, the officials of the social welfare department, who woke up immediately, registered a spontaneous case. Five accused from Miyapura village were arrested in connection with this case.

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A case of untouchability and caste abuse was registered against the accused. Apart from this, considering the seriousness of this incident, the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Commission has also issued a notice to the District Collector and the District Superintendent of Police to submit a report on the matter. The boy’s parents had left the village in the background of this incident which was the subject of a lot of discussion across the state. After the incident, he was worried and came to this decision.

Awareness through proper implementation

Awakened by this incident, the state government and the social welfare department implemented the Vinaya Reconciliation Project in the name of the wronged boy Vinaya to create awareness among the people about untouchability. It is the government’s intention to implement this scheme adequately and eliminate the scourge of untouchability in the society.

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Constant effort to eliminate untouchability

Efforts to eradicate untouchability are not the first. The government and the constitution have made special laws to eliminate this evil system. Also, through the social welfare department, the government is creating awareness in rural areas through various media including street drama. But this evil system has not stopped completely.

A meeting is held under the chairmanship of the District Collector once a month by the police department and in the districts regarding the progress of Dalit atrocities and caste abuse cases. Even so it was of no use in preventing the practice of untouchability. In this regard, the efforts of the government and the social welfare department to create awareness among the people and stop the evil practice through the Vinaya Samadhi Yojana is really commendable.