Even an inch of Karnataka’s land cannot be given to Maharashtra: Ishwar Khandre

Bangalore: KPCC Working President Ishwar Khandre said that not even an inch of Karnataka’s land can be given to Maharashtra. Speaking in Bengaluru on Tuesday, he demanded that the government should take the border issue very seriously.

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The issue of stone pelting on Karnataka buses in Maharashtra is very serious. He said that the government should take this issue very seriously.

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On the same occasion, he lashed out against the BJP and BJP has gone to the third position in the survey. So they are worried. For that, he accused the rowdies of joining anti-social forces.

Corruption has come to the number one position in Karnataka. They are saying something after looking at the referendum. All those in BJP are cheaters who have corrupted the universe. He screamed that he would go to any lower level for power.

It is not right to say that CM is behind on every issue. Citi spoke highly of Ravi Siddaramaiah. He expressed indignation that the work of creating confusion in the society is being done for selfishness.

BJP legislators have applied to us. Many people are waiting for Congress to join the party. Some of those who have migrated are likely to join. But everything needs to be discussed and decided at the high command level, he said.

None of us will go to BJP. BJP is a sinking ship, why is it going there? Has anyone committed suicide by joining the BJP? He questioned that, it was the Congress that gave birth to Sudhakar. Even if the MLA is the Congress party. So they talk about Congress when it comes to rowdies. He returned his congratulations.