ESI Hospital | Start ESI super specialty hospital in coast: UT Khader appeal

Bengaluru: Congress member UT Khader requested to start ESI super specialty hospital in the coastal area. He appealed about this during the question and answer session in the Legislative Assembly and requested the Center to submit a proposal in this regard.

ESI Super Specialty Hospital is located in Bangalore. But, not in Mangalore and Udupi. In this regard, Labor Minister Shivram Hebbar requested him to submit a proposal to the Center for starting a new super specialty hospital on the coastal side.
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There is no ESI hospital in Dakshina Kannada district except Mangalore. Khader demanded that the staff of doctors be appointed. Answering this, Labor Minister Shivram Hebbar said that Udupi in Dakshina Kannada has no shortage of hi-tech hospitals. D.K. We have tied up with 16 hi-tech hospitals in the district. Workers are not facing any problem. All the necessary privileges are available. He said that there was no delay in the release of funds from the Centre.

Speaker Kageri is worried about the quality of education in universities

Speaker Kageri expressed his displeasure about the quality of education in state universities. Speaking during the discussion on the Karnataka State Universities (Amendment) Bill of 2022, the speaker said that there is no standard in the university. I have said this bitterly. I am upset with the educational institutions. He said, “I am surprised to see the complaints I get and the injustice being done to the students.”
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‘I am saying this with a heavy heart. You have to make the right decision about quality education. Talk to the chancellor of the university about this’, he strongly advised the higher education minister in the House.

Madhuswami, are you the only one? Basavaraja Bommayi, who was Siddaramaiah’s successor

CM Basavaraja Bommayi asked Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah whether Madhuswami and you are the same. Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister JC Madhuswamy objected when Siddaramaiah sought permission to discuss the 40% commission scam under Rule 60.
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Adequate documents should be submitted along with the statement. You will give a stop notice. However, he raised an objection that no supplementary document was given. Siddaramaiah sneered at Madhuswamy saying that at this time you are making arguments for cut off.

At this time, CM Basavaraja Bommayi stood up and said that both of them are one and the same, Alcha sir, and took Siddaramaiah’s feet. They know what you do and you know what they do. Siddaramaiah said that you and I are all prepared in the same way.