Energy Minister Sunil Kumar clarified the meters for agricultural pump sets

Bengaluru: There is no question of installing meters for agricultural pump sets. Energy Minister V. said that the Energy Department is farmer-friendly and the BJP government will not undertake any work that will cause trouble to the farmers. Sunil Kumar clarified.

Talking to reporters on Tuesday, he made a serious allegation that Siddaramaiah, when he was the Chief Minister, did not pay the subsidy money that was due to the electricity supply companies on time, causing them to lose money and installed meters in the pump sets of the farmers.

Responding to Siddaramaiah’s accusations against the Energy Department, he said in a press conference on Tuesday, “During Siddaramaiah’s tenure, he imposed a debt burden of Rs 1 lakh crore on the people of the state. He also imposed a debt of Rs 5,500 crore on the Energy Department. Between 2013 and 2018, he had arrears of Rs 3,479 crore in subsidy. Rural Development He alleged that dues of more than Rs 6,000 crore had not been paid by various departments.Through this, Eskoms had created a situation where they were in loss and tried to install meters in farmers’ pump sets.

No free power to agriculture pumpset: Subsidy cut; Payment of additional usage fee is mandatory!
“If the Congress comes to power, it is certain that meters will be installed in farmers’ pump sets. However, Congress does not come to power for any reason. When we took over, all Eskoms were making losses. CM Bommayi has compensated the shortfall by giving Rs 8,500 crore grant, he said.

“Every year 2.5 lakh agricultural pump sets are being added. Therefore, the department had asked the government for additional grant in the background of increase in subsidy than KERC fixed. 1,200 crores in addition. “CM Bommai has agreed to release,” he said.

Amrita Jyoti will not stop

The ‘Amrita Jyoti’ scheme, which provides free electricity up to 75 units per month to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe BPL families, has not been cancelled. Energy Minister Sunil Kumar clarified that this is a smear campaign by the opposition Congress.

“39 lakh Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe families are eligible beneficiaries under Amrita Jyoti Yojana, but so far only 4 lakh beneficiaries have been identified and 15,000 beneficiaries’ accounts have been transferred electricity bill amount through DBT under this scheme,” he said.

“Though there are a large number of eligible beneficiaries, the scheme has not reached all of them. Rural people are not able to apply on Suvidha portal. Also, the main reason for this is that the guidelines are tough. For this reason, a circular was issued on September 3 to change the scheme implementation guidelines. “Congress has misinterpreted this circular and has accused the government of canceling the project,” the minister complained.

“The intention of the government is to deliver the benefits of the scheme to all the eligible beneficiaries by changing some unnecessary and onerous conditions, and there is no question of withdrawing the scheme,” he clarified.

Investigating the DKS Solar Scam

D.K. Energy Minister Sunil Kumar said that he will conduct an investigation into the solar scam during Shivakumar’s tenure as Energy Minister. “I have accepted DK Shivakumar’s challenge to investigate if there has been any illegality in the past. The challenge is political and the investigation is everything. I will reveal every inch of the solar scam after the end of the legislative session which will begin next week,” he thundered. “The government has lost due to power purchase agreements. I am working to rectify such agreements,” he said.