Electricity Rate: Electricity rate increase: HDK said current shock from the government for Navratri

Bangalore: Former CM HD Kumaraswamy said that the state government has given a shock to the people on Navratri by increasing electricity rates. He tweeted about this and condemned the action of the government.

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The state BJP government has increased the electricity tariff under the pretext of fuel adjustment fee. The letter was withdrawn last July. Now the rate has increased again. He said that he does not agree with the statement of the Energy Minister that due to the increase in the price of coal, the price of electricity is also being increased.

Electricity Rate | Electricity price hike for festival Shock: Price hike in the name of fuel adjustment fee

After the adjournment of the Legislature session, the price of electricity has increased! What’s going on? The government, which was supposed to wish the festival of Navratri, shocked the people by giving them electric shock. They expressed outrage that the increase of 24 to 43 paise per unit is unscientific, undesirable and reprehensible.

Reservoirs are full due to good rainfall in the state. Power generation is good. 1,244 crore in purchase cost though. There is no way to believe the calculation that there is an increase. In order to protect some interests of the energy sector, Eskoms are firing on their shoulders and hitting people.

It is true that the state BJP government is not in favor of the people. The state BJP government has also followed the path of the central BJP government which has not reduced the oil price in the country despite the continuous fall in crude oil prices in the global market. He said that there are serious doubts about the continuous increase in electricity rates.

Electricity leakage, theft that cannot be prevented, BJP government that does not adopt innovative technology is a show of incompetence. BJP’s philosophy is to rob the poor and fill the pockets of the business class. On the same occasion, HD Kumaraswamy accused that the same is being done in Karnataka too.