Election Campaign by JDS: Kumaraswamy Declaration

Bangalore: Former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has said that the mission of the 2023 Assembly Elections is to begin the war 123 through the Janata Jaladhare program.

Speaking to reporters after viewing the pre-arranged Jaladhare event on Friday near Nelmangala near Bangalore.

Want Religion? Need a life? HD Kumaraswamy who questioned people

At the closing ceremony of the water stream we will be releasing a booklet on various issues as well as a number of irrigation issues. If our party comes to power independently we will try to rectify the injustice of the last 75 years, ”he said.

Rivers with many histories have not been used. Kumaraswamy said the rivers were not allowed by both national parties.

Shivalinga Gowda vs HD Kumaraswamy

We are running a religious ritual by inviting a team of 25 people to come to Varanasi in Varanasi to get the blessings of Ganga Mother for me and the party. He thunders that we show our existence through this program.

The JDS party was over. The BJP and the Congress are making a lot of efforts to get some of our party leaders to say that the JDS does not exist. “I have no concerns about this.”

He was forced to take over as chief minister twice in some political context in the state. But this time I have the will and the will to independently come to power with the blessings of the people. He said tomorrow’s program is important to gain public confidence.

The government should take care not to convert

Former CM Kumaraswamy, who responded to the conversion ban, said: Why the conversion? He said the government should take care not to convert.

An exploited class has been subjected to oppression. Baba Saheb Ambedkar himself converted to Buddhism. Shouldn’t you be a proselytizer? Conversion by law cannot be prevented. Kumaraswamy said if he was given life, he would be converted.

No resignation of police officer Rabindranath: Kumaswamy

Methodist Council member Bojegowda, JDS deputy leader Bandeppa Kashempur, JDS youth unit president Nikhil Kumaraswamy and other leaders were present.