Effect of rumors of child thieves in North Karnataka: 60% drop in attendance in schools!

Sangamesh T. the knife
A couple of years ago, children’s education, which was disrupted due to Corona, was just getting back on track, but the rumor of child thieves has created a lot of excitement in the parents’ circles, and the attendance of children has fallen by 60% in most of the district schools in North Karnataka.

The effect of the rumor that child thieves have arrived in every district of North Karnataka has had a severe impact. If the attendance of children in the schools in rural areas has dropped by 60%, the attendance has dropped by 75% in the junior primary schools in the farm estates, which has caused frustration among the teachers. It is a relief that the urban area is not affected.

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There are approximately 11,000 government and 3,000 semi-government schools in North Karnataka, with a total of more than 28 lakh students. But the fact that most of the students in the rural areas do not attend school has made the teachers sad.

Sutaram’s disapproving parents

Most of the children dropped out of school due to this rumour. So there are no children. If the teachers ask the superiors about whom we should teach, we are hearing from the authorities that we should teach as many children as we can and go home.

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Thus the department officials and teachers are not sitting idly by. Moved to the parents’ house, in reality the child thieves did not come. They are asking each other to send the child to school without listening to speculations. But the teachers are hearing that Sutharam is not agreeing to send the children to school without trusting the teachers.

Parents drop their children from school due to various reasons at home. But it cannot be said that the attendance has fallen so much on rumours. However, action will be taken after checking.
S. S. Biradara, Commissioner, Education Department, Dharwad

A fruitless khaki awareness

Children are not thieves. This is pure rumour. Police officers in every district are creating awareness among the public not to believe. But parents don’t believe in khaki awareness. They say hing and go home. But parents are not only worried about what to do if thieves take away the drink from our intestines. Thus, children’s creativity in school is disappearing.

Our child’s life is more important to us than education. They go home after telling Buddivada not to believe. Who is responsible if tomorrow is more – less for our children. Do not send our children to the line until the menace of child thieves is reduced.
Yamanuri Padganur, Father of Student, Aliabad.

Jiva idre kalitari bidri sali

On the other hand, most of the teachers in the town have suffered a blow to the children’s education during the Corona period. Now education is back on track. Even if the teacher tells you in such a way that child thieves have come, don’t leave the children in line, hogli bidri sir. If there is life, children have learned the line. And only now that we have not sent the children to the line, breaking the cane and saying to the teachers, is a proof of the anxiety that has spread among the parents.

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Enough about the rumors of child abductors. They went to the parents’ doorsteps to tell them not to believe, but they did not agree. We have seen children being abducted on mobile. So our child should not be sent to the line. Our parents tell us that Jiva Idra Sali Kalitav Bidri,’ said Head Teacher H Gunaki Karande Vasti LPS. K. Ash gave information.

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