Dr. G. Siddaramaiah, who is a minister for the 6th time, has joined the cabinet. Parameshwar portrait

Dr. G. Siddaramaiah, who is a minister for the 6th time, has joined the cabinet.  Parameshwar portrait
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A prominent Dalit leader of the Karnataka Congress, Dr. G. Parameshwar was the 7th Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka. He has the distinction of being the longest serving president of KPCC since 1993 and has held many portfolios as a minister in various governments. He is now a minister again in the Siddaramaiah government.

Parameshwar was born on August 6, 1991 in Gollahalli, Tumkur to former MLC GH Mariappa and Gangamallamma. He completed his primary education in Gollahalli and completed his high school education at Siddhartha High School established by his father. PUC from Government PU College, Tumkur, BSc and MSc from Bangalore Agricultural University and doctorate from Adelaide University, Australia.

Political life of G Parameshwar

Parameshwar had no thought of joining politics. However, in 1989, the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi invited Parameshwar to join politics. When he went to invite Rajiv Gandhi to attend the inauguration of Siddhartha Medical College, Parameshwar invited him to join politics. After agreeing to enter politics, he was appointed as the Joint Secretary of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee in 1989.

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Thus entering politics, he entered the Legislative Assembly for the first time in 1989 by contesting elections in Madhugiri constituency and winning. He joined the cabinet for the first time in 1993 as the silk minister in the Veerappa Moily government. Parameshwar was defeated in Madhugiri constituency in 1994 in the elections held the very next year. Later he won again in 1999 and 2004 in Madhugiri.

He won the 1999 elections and was the Minister of Higher Education and Science and Technology in the SM Krishna government. At the same time, he also handled the responsibility as the Minister of Medical Education.

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After the redistribution of assembly constituencies in 2008, Parameshwar, who came to Koratagere constituency, was elected as an MLA from here as well. Meanwhile, in 2010, he was appointed as the President of the Pradesh Congress Committee.

However, in the 2013 election, he had to suffer defeat in the Koratagere constituency when he was the president of the KPCC. Due to this, he who was dreaming of the position of CM could not even become a minister in the beginning. After being elected as a member of Vidhan Parishad in 2014, he had to join the Siddaramaiah cabinet.

He is currently representing the Koratagere constituency in Tumkur district, and in this election, he is PR of JDS here. He defeated Sudhakar Lal by 14,347 votes.

K. 72-year-old Parameshwar, who is married to Parameshwari, had Rs 4.00 crore with him during the election. 5.63 crore rupees with the inheritance, wife. Heirloom and 5.88 crore rupees. Immovable property, wife has Rs 5.73 crore. He had declared that he had immovable property. Thus a total of Rs 21.24 crores. Property had been declared.

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