Dr CN Ashwath Narayan : BJP Janapara Party; Congress-JDS Family Parties: CN Ashwatthanarayan

Bangalore: Everyone in the country loves our proud Prime Minister Narendra Modiji and BJP. State Higher Education, IT and BT Minister Dr C.N.Ashwathtanarayan said that while Congress-JDS are family parties, BJP is a populist party.

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Former KPCC member S. Speaking at the BJP induction program of Satchidananda and other Congress leaders, he said Mandya was known for development in the past. But, socially, economically and politically, that district saw decline. He objected that the representatives who got the opportunity from the people in that district did not work adequately.

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Selfish politics is not good. A leader who works for the people. He said that there is a need to teach the traitors a lesson. Many leaders have already left JDS, not tolerating slavery. He said that BJP is the right party to create true independence to increase the prosperity of Mandya.

BJP should be supported for the development of Mandya. Selflessly we work. Karnataka is giving hope to the world. He said that Karnataka is a land of good talent in the public sector. He said that BJP is a party that is allowed to work with self-respect.

Teach a lesson to both parties who practice politics of appeasement

He appealed to BJP to support and win. BJP State Vice President Nirmal Kumar Surana said that Satchidananda’s joining the party has created new energy and new excitement in Mandya district. He said that BJP will win maximum number of seats in Mandya district in the coming days.

He expressed confidence that the party is sure to win all the MLA seats. Appreciated the success of Kumbha Mela. He said that the atmosphere of Hindutva has arisen in Mandya district.

State Minister for Silk, Youth Empowerment and Sports K.C. Narayana Gowda said that the BJP has become stronger as many Congress leaders have joined the party. He said that now BJP has got the big power to break the stronghold of other parties.

He said that we are sure to win at least 7 MLA seats in Mandya and said that we should not be afraid of JDS-Congress party. He said that our party has taught the hooligans a lesson.

Mandya district in-charge minister Gopalaya said that BJP has capable candidates to face Congress-JDS in 7 constituencies of Mandya district. The party should have determination. He confidently said that the party will win more than 150 seats in the state under the leadership of Modiji-Bommai and other capable leaders.

Central and state governments have given maximum assistance to alleviate the suffering of Covid. A favorable atmosphere has been created for the party by the visit of the beneficiaries. Now party governments have prioritized development. He said that this is complementary to the party’s victory. He suggested that the workers and party members should inform the people about the benefits received from the governments.

Legislative Council member CP Yogeshwar said that BJP has no shortage of candidates in Mandya district. Mandya district has stubborn constituencies. He requested that development works should be done so that people come in favor of BJP.

MLA Satish Reddy, L. Ravisubrahmanya, BJP state secretary and Mandya district in-charge Jagdish Hiremani, party leaders and workers were present.

Former KPCC member S Satchidananda, former Zilla Panchayat member and 2013 Congress candidate from Srirangapatna Assembly Constituency S.L. Lingaraju, leader Babu Hanuman, Mallikarjun (fighter Ravi), former Zilla Panchayat members Ramalingaiah, Smt. Mamata Dhananjay, Nagaratna Prakash, District Congress Vice President and Taluk Panchayat ex-President Ramegowda, Taluk Panchayat ex-members Nandamani Chandrasekhar, Yogananda Patel, Lakshmamma, Induvala Gram Panchayat. President Muniswamy, former president of Bevinahalli village party Mahesh, former president of Sunagahalli village party Ramachandra K, former president of Induala village party Swamy joined the party.