DKShivakumar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done everything for his glory and the glory of the party: DKshi

Bengaluru: KPCC president DK Shivakumar said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is doing everything for his glory and that of the party. Speaking at his residence on Friday regarding Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Bengaluru, he answered a question about the unveiling of the statue of progress and the expenditure of 48.44 crores on Modi’s program, works and arrangements.

We are confident that Prime Minister Modi will reply to our letter in a democratic system. Another wrote a letter to Daya Moran saying that bribery is causing the problem. A corrupt administration must be cleaned up. But Modi has done everything for his glory and for the glory of the party. “We have not received a reply to our letter, we will do whatever we need to do next,” he said.

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Let’s see how they are closing the loophole and what message they are sending on the issue of corruption. I can’t say yet about the next fight. Will the meal be ready in five minutes? He said that the spices should be ready and the wood should be ready.

Talking about the issue that the construction of the statue should have been done by the Airport Authority, I said earlier, not now. Let me take out my bite points if necessary. The airport itself was doing it, spending 50-60 crores is not a big deal for the airport. BJP is calculating something. Airport premises, he should have done it himself, this is basic common sense, he said.

It is basic common sense to know how to save and use government money. He is very urgent to make a big name. You have the information about how much Prime Minister Modi has spent on his glory and party glory. He said that no matter how much glory he did, no matter how many people he called, no matter what he did, people decided to remove him.

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Talking about the only right road for Modi, he said he did it for the sake of his leaders and not for the sake of the people. He said that it is the youth who start Homa Havan at the potholes.

Prime Minister Modi, who arrived in Bangalore today, flagged off Vande Bharat Express train and Bharat Gaurav Kashi Darshan train. Later, Prime Minister Modi visited the Kempegowda International Airport via HAL in Bangalore, inaugurated Terminal-2 of the airport and unveiled the statue of Kempegowda’s progress.