DK Shivakumar: We have some MLAs, not ready to do party work: DKshi Sittu

Bangalore: KPCC president D. said against Congress MLAs that we have some MLAs, they never come to work for the party. K. Shivakumar expressed displeasure.

Speaking at a meeting of KPCC office bearers and coordinators held at Ambedkar Bhavan in Bangalore city on Friday, he said that indirectly senior MLA R. V. He expressed displeasure against Deshpande.

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I asked Deshpande to send people for Bharat Jodo Yatra for one day. But they are not. How come you can’t work with Rahul Gandhi? DKshi warned that no MLA can be pardoned.

We have fixed two MLAs every day. They should come and work with people. We have told you to participate in the yatra. Come who are the ticket aspirants in the election. But
Don’t post my photo, Siddaramaiah. Dkeshi suggested that you should work for the party.

Don’t know that the seat is already reserved in the election. You have a chance too. Nagaraj Yadav screamed on TV and became MLC. He had no money. I haven’t even had a single tea. He just gave a blob. That’s how you will have a chance, said Dkeshi to the office bearers.

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A committee of AICC headed by Sunil Kanagolu has come to the state. That team is working in all areas. Observing who is doing what. This time there is a possibility that the newcomers will get the ticket. I will get a confidential letter from you. I will send that letter to Rahul and Sonia. Only the AICC General Secretary and I have the letter. CLP leaders do not show this either. Name without any agenda. Those who work will get tickets, he said. BJP has done an election survey. He did not cross 70 positions in his survey. But Congress is ahead according to the survey, he said.

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Siddaramaiah’s team is once again beaten by DK!

KPCC President D. K. Shivakumar once again whipped the Siddaramaiah team during his speech. Some people came for the freedom walk. He was sitting somewhere showing his face. I know that, AICC also knows. On 3rd of August, Siddaramotsava was celebrated. Prepared by Rayareddy. A lot of people came for the event, but the traffic was not managed. Seeing that, I made sure that there was no traffic during the freedom walk.

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