Dk Shivakumar: Injustice to the youth of the country when it comes to employment: DK Shivakumar

Bangalore: There is injustice to the youth of the country in terms of employment. Our Prime Minister said that two crore jobs will be created. But KPCC President DK Sivakumar alleged that they could not follow through.

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Speaking at the job creation website launch program at the KPCC office on Saturday, he called upon Rahul Gandhi to meet Rahul Gandhi and register to raise the issue of employment.

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This is an innovative program. We have given a call to the youth through this. Our Prime Minister said that two crore jobs will be created. But they could not do as they were told. He said that our thought is to create employment for the youth.

Farmers are unfairly priced. Keeping the Panch Ratna Yojana, Rahul Gandhi is walking. During the padayatra, we gave the youth an opportunity to discuss with Rahul Gandhi. Sometimes there is injustice in employment. Youth protested in front of KPSC. He said that he has launched the website with the view that the voice of the youth should become our voice.

On the same occasion, Rahul Gandhi said that during the Padayatra, he will allow the youth to meet in both North Karnataka and South Karnataka.

Youth Congress president Muhammad Nalapad said, “We have made this program so that DK Shivakumar should be the voice of the youth.” Our leader Rahul Gandhi is marching to unite India. The Yatra will come to our state on September 31. He said that he would allow the youth to come in front of Rahul Gandhi and discuss the issues of employment and what needs to be done to solve them.

Responding to Ravikumar’s criticism of Rahul Gandhi as an iron leg, let the BJP say what it wants. Scissors can be used in two ways. It is also useful for cutting clothes. It is also used for acupuncture. BJP is dividing the country. He said that Rahul Gandhi is working to unite the country.

Regarding Rahul Gandhi’s criticism of BJP, BJP is looking at us and watching us. I have worn a watch worth two lakhs. Rahul Gandhi t-shirt is priced at 40 thousand rupees, let’s discuss. Let’s discuss about the chaddi placed inside them. He said that there should be a discussion about his sleeping room.