DK Shivakumar | Illegal wealth case against DK: High Court issues notice to CBI

Bengaluru: The High Court issued a notice to the CBI on a petition filed by KPCC president DK Shivakumar seeking cancellation of the FIR registered in the case of disproportionate assets.

About the application. S. A single member bench headed by Sunil Dutt Yadav conducted the hearing on Monday.
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BV Acharya and CH Jadhav, advocates for Shivakumar, did not obtain prior approval of the competent authority under section 17 ‘A’ of the Prevention of Corruption Act, as per the rules to be followed in disproportionate assets cases and before filing the FIR. No details of income, assets and expenditure statement of the applicant during the check period. Nowhere in the FIR has it been explained what the elements of the preliminary investigation are. Hence, the CBI has failed to follow the guidelines, he said.

He objected, ‘Basically, the petitioner is from a farming family, and it is not right to include the names of the family members in the FIR registered against them in this case.’
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Even before Siddaramautsava program D. K. Shivakumar’s speech leaked..!

Bengaluru: KPCC president D. Siddaramaiah, who is to be held on August 3 in the wake of the 75th birth anniversary of opposition leader Siddaramaiah. K. Important points of Shivakumar’s speech were leaked two days before the program..!

A copy of the speech was given to the official media group of the Congress. After waking up, it was deleted. In the copy of the speech, it is mentioned that let’s do whatever we have to do to bring the party to power, the party will give us the status we deserve, indirectly, DKshi is ready to play this speech in the background of competition for the CM post.
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Key highlights of the speech to be delivered by DK

* Siddaramaiah has completed a meaningful 75 years today. Happy birthday to him.

* 75 years is a great milestone for every person.

* Life is a time to stop and reflect on past experiences and achievements.

* Until now, Siddaramaiah had not celebrated his birthday.

* But it is a special occasion to be celebrated on the occasion of completing 75 Vasantas
DK Shivakumar: D before the Siddaramautsava program. K. Shivakumar’s speech leaked..!
* So his fans have done a great job by organizing a program to celebrate this special occasion.

* After seeing this program, BJP and other political opponents have started trembling in their chests.,..more.