DK Shivakumar: During the ‘Bharat Jodo’ Yatra, DK is fighting for ‘Karnataka Congress Jodo’!

Sashidhara Hegade

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who is on a mission to unite India, will enter Karnataka at the end of this month. The Pradesh Congress Committee is preparing to make the Padayatra led by Rahul a success in the state. In this regard, KPCC President D. K. Shivakumar is holding constant meetings. However, in this case D. K. Shivakumar’s speech has attracted attention.

KPCC president said that many former ministers and some MLAs have not responded to the request to cooperate with the Bharat Jodo Yatra. The role of state unit presidents is crucial in the Congress, which is a national party. In terms of organizationally mobilizing the party, the regional Congress presidents in the respective states are supreme. Then KPCC president D. K. The lack of response from former ministers and MLAs to Shivakumar’s appeal means that it is a serious issue. After all, Shivakumar was the one who spoke openly about such abhorrence of the party leaders.

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Rahul’s yatra will run for 21 days in the state. To make this yatra a success, party leaders and workers will have to hit the road in large numbers. That means human resource strength is essential. Also another resource should be properly allocated. If everyone joins hands, it will become a pit. However, many are reluctant to show generosity for this.

Because, after the success of the Yatra, its credit will be credited to the party president’s account. It is a natural human selfish thought that what will benefit him from it. This has made the regional Congress president impatient. It is reflected in his displeasure. Through this, it is known to the outside world that the ‘Karnataka Congress Jodo’ is becoming difficult during the Bharat Jodo.

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This is a party trip

Ghulam Nabi Azad had shared some important facts in his letter to AICC President while leaving the Congress. He also joked about Rahul Gandhi’s Yatra and said, ‘Bharat Jodo needs Congress Jodo first’. There is no unity in Congress itself. The minds of the Congress are divided. So, while undertaking such a journey, one should solve the internal problem. Azad’s suggestion was that it should be a work of mutual trust.

Ghulam Nabi Azad’s speech makes sense when viewed from a national perspective. Because, there was an urgent need to build a path of trust when important people including Azad were leaving the party. However, the image of Congress in the map of Karnataka is different. Congress may be weak in different parts of the country. However, Karnataka is a state where the Congress is still strong. There are experienced workers here. There is an army of workers needed to organize the party from the booth level. In addition, there are many senior and junior leaders. If there are ten Karnataka Congress leaders, at least eight of them will be ex-ministers. Or former MLA or sitting MLA.

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It is not unusual to see a large number of formers in the Congress, which has been in power for a long time and is the oldest party. It is also not wrong for the regional Congress chief to wish that those who have grown up under the banner of the party should join hands in difficult times. Because, in the politics of the country, the time of disaster is not far away. To get rid of it, programs like Bharat Jodo Yatra must be successful. Especially in Karnataka, which is the stronghold of the party, this Yatra should create a sensation. For that, it is not unreasonable to want all party leaders to work wholeheartedly and come forward to make their own contribution. It is not a program to parade the regional Congress presidents and impale them on dandige. Despite this, Congress Yatra. Although Rahul Gandhi is the focal point, he is the national leader. So, as far as Karnataka is concerned, there is no local person-centered enthusiasm. Only those who did good work in this yatra are recorded. Rahul’s team will definitely notice that. It will be rewarded accordingly. Then D. to join hands with Bharat Jodo. K. There is no point in turning a blind eye to Shivakumar’s appeal.

Fear of a leader who steps forward

D. K. There is also talk that Congressmen have an unspoken fear of Shivakumar. The reason for that is Shivakumar’s nature. The saying that if he goes for any job, he will be sacked is also popular in the political circle. Perhaps it is because of this behavior that Sivakumar has been misplaced a few times. Shivakumar was likely to be out of the Congress-JDS coalition government led by Dharmasingh. Later, he was an aspirant for the post of KPCC president and was content with the post of working president. Otherwise, he would have become the President of the Pradesh Congress about ten years ago.

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Every time his name came up for the post, other party leaders opposed it. By biting the ear of the high command, Shivakumar was making sure that his hand was not raised. The KPCC president’s degree is a strategic space to be considered as a priority for the post of chief minister when the party comes to power. Many people fear that if Shivakumar sits in such a place and leaves it in harmony according to Vastu, their dream will be shattered. But, D. K. Shivakumar is a loyal person who carried the work assigned to him by his superiors on his head along with party loyalty. In the Rajya Sabha election, which had created a conflict that made heaven and earth one, Sonia Gandhi saved her close friend Ahmed Patel d. K. Shivakumar. No one was ready to take on the responsibility of keeping the Gujarat Congress MLAs safe. Even though there was a Congress government in Karnataka, no one had shown courage in this regard. This is the one who gave courage despite the danger forecast. K. Shivakumar.

Previously S. M. During Krishna’s rule, even when disaster struck the Vilas Rao Deshmukh government in Maharashtra, Shivakumar, who had called party MLAs to Bangalore, kept them safe. Even when the Congress-JDS government was formed after the 2018 assembly elections, Shivakumar took the responsibility of MLAs. In the 2004 Lok Sabha elections, former Prime Minister H. D. A woman candidate from Congress contested against Deve Gowda and won. Shivakumar has won Congress candidates in many by-elections.

Those who did not even dream of entering Parliament got the chance to sit in Parliament for a few months thanks to Shivakumar’s strategy. Shivakumar did all this for the party. In this context, he can be called a trouble shooter. The perils on the part of the party can be named. For this reason, the high command still has hope on Shivakumar. Those who have taken shelter under Congress banyan tree only for power cannot digest this. So before the arrival of Rahul Gandhi, to create unity in the state Congress, D. K. Sivakumar is a tough guy.

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Fact finding by party loyalists

D. also about organizing Mekedatu Padayatra and Independence Amrita Mahotsava Walk. K. Shivakumar claimed. It is current inside the Congress that there was a strong attempt to cross foot even during the Mekedatu Padayatra. Some people were shocked thinking that Shivakumar’s index would rise due to this padayatra. But, finally, the high command warned everyone to participate in this yatra.

Later, the Mekedatu padayatra which was held in two stages had a political sound. There was animosity between important leaders in the Congress. These leaders will get along at some point. However, the game is spoiled more by the book of supporters who stumble into the house of these leaders. Such nonsensical lamentations that bite the ears here and there are more frequent than if they open their mouths.

Such people can lose the dignity of senior party leaders and status holders in a moment. Such incidents in KPCC have come to the attention of the media and have been reported. Party loyalists believe that this is happening because leaders do not recognize the difference between chadikors and party thinkers.

There is a similar error of perception in relation to Bharat Jodo preparations. Even those who have been ministers for five years and floated in the blanket of happiness are walking around waving their hands. At the time of bringing unity, such people are too worried about factional politics. Due to this, the Karnataka Congress is not able to fight Bharat Jodo with the formula of unity.

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